Sunday, September 6, 2015

Makeup Tutorial

Neutral Eye Makeup With Sparkle Tutorial

Welcome to my first-ever eye makeup tutorial! I decided I wanted to do a nice neutral eye with some sparkle and a red lip, so I created this using only shadows from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.

Step One

Apply the shade "Salted Caramel" to the crease. Make sure to get it all across the crease and blend it well.

Step Two

Pack the shade "Marzipan" onto the lid. It gives a very nice shimmer.

Step Three

Apply "Champagne Truffle" to the inner corner and brow bone.

Step Four

Apply "Creme Brulee" to the outer corner of the lid. This adds both dimension and more shimmer.

Step Five

Blend, blend, blend! This softens the look and gets rid of any harsh lines.

Step Six

Add winged liner using NYC's liquid eyeliner in black. Mine isn't perfect, but I figured that the more I tried to fix it, the worse it would end up.

Step Seven

Curl your lashes and apply Covergirl's Super Sizer mascara to both top and bottom lashes. Curling is optional, but I prefer how it looks

Optional: A Red Lip

If you want to, you can apply e.l.f.'s lip stain in Hot Tamale to complete the look.

If you want to, you can apply an eye shadow primer at the beginning as well. This will help the look last longer and not crease as quickly.


  1. I absolutely looove the red lip with this, it's very Taylor Swift! I'm definitely gonna try this out, thanks :)

    1. I love red lips and Taylor swift, so I might do a Taylor swift tutorial at some point!

    2. That's an awesome idea, I love her look on the music video for Wildest Dreams!

    3. Ill do one for Wildest Dreams then! I liked that look too.