Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lipstick Swatches and Review

Wet' n' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks Review and Swatches

I have seven out of 26 of these lipsticks, and I decided that after having some of them for over six months, it was time to review them. I will probably get a few more shades eventually, but I can't find the shades I want in any stores, and I'm thinking of doing a no-buy anyways. They cost about $1.99 USD and you can find them in Rite Aid and Walmart.

I love them! They can be a bit stiff at first, but once you start using them they soften up and go on pretty smoothly. They last for up to six hours without any touch-ups. I find that they can be a bit drying but wearing a lip balm underneath will solve the problem. They're well worth the two dollars in my opinion. From left to right, these are the shades Bare It All, Just Peachy, Dollhouse Pink, Don't Blink Pink, 24 Carrot Gold, Red Velvet, and Stoplight Red.

Here they are swatched on my arm. My favorites are Just Peachy and Stoplight Red.

Here is Bare It All on my lips. Nudes tend to wash me out but I can actually get away with this one. Not a color I would wear every day (I love bright colors) but maybe with a bright colored eye.

This is Just Peachy. It looks like what it sounds like - a peach color. I think it really flatters my skin tone and color. It's really a true peach.

Here's Dollhouse Pink. It's a bright blue-toned pink. I would call it a Barbie pink. It looks nice in the tube but it doesn't really suit me when I put it on my lips, so I don't wear it often.

Next up is Don't Blink Pink. It's a lovely bright hot pink that I think really flatters my skin color and tone.

This is 24 Carrot Gold on my lips. It's a true carrot orange, which I love. I like bright colors when it comes to makeup and life in general, so this is perfect for days when I want a pop of extra color.

Here is Red Velvet. It's a bright orange-based red. Orange reds don't look quite as good on me as blue reds, but it still looks nice.

Finally, we've got Stoplight Red. It's a mid-toned blue red. It's one of my favorite shades for everyday wear.


  1. Great Review! I love these lipsticks!! :)

  2. Thank you! I love them too, they're very much worth the two dollars!