Monday, September 7, 2015

Lip Stain Review

e.l.f. Essential Lip Stain Review

You may have seen my Walmart Haul post a bit back and seen the e.l.f. lips stains I purchased to review. Well, here's the review! I have three shades to show you. You can buy them here for $2.00 USD and they come in six shades.

The three shades I got were (from left to right) are Hot Tamale, Pink Petal, and Nude Nectar.

Here they are swatched on my hand. The left is Pink Petal, the middle is Hot Tamale, and the right is Nude Nectar. As you can see, they aren't super pigmented. It took a few passes to get them as opaque as they are in the lip swatches coming up next. However, they take a long time to wear off - at least four hours, even if you eat and drink.

Here's Pink Petal on my lips. It's a nice color, kind of a rosy pink.

This is Hot Tamale. It's a very pretty hot, warm red. It's my favorite of the three.

Last but not least, we have Nude Nectar. It's really more of a dark brown-red than a true nude, but I still like it. I wore it for about six-eight hours without re-applying and both ate and drank during that time. It faded, but it didn't wear off patchy or weird.

Overall, these are totally worth the two dollars. They aren't the absolute best lip stains I've ever tried, but they're fantastic for such a cheap price!

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