Saturday, September 5, 2015

Real Techniques Brush Review

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Review

About four months ago, I purchased the Real Techniques Core Collection brushes to use for my makeup. I had been applying my foundation with either my fingers or a disposable wedge sponge, and it just wasn't looking as good as it could be. I was using a very old, cheap brush for my blush, and I no longer liked it. So I set out to Rite Aid to get some nice new brushes, and this is what I picked up. You can buy the set here for $18.00 USD.

Here's the case they come in. It's quite dirty since I've had it for so long, so please excuse that. It was very clean when I bought it. It's got a string on the side you can use to carry it, and the closure is Velcro.

Here are the brushes. None of them can be purchased separately, and all of them have synthetic bristles (I believe that all Real Techniques brushes do). First is the contour brush, which I use for blush. It's actually great for that, despite its small size. Next is the pointed foundation brush, which I used to use for foundation, but now use for blending my under-eye concealer. I found that it made my foundation look way too streaky and painted on, so I ended up using my fingers to blend it anyways. After that is the detailer brush, which I rarely use, but it can be used for concealing pimples or applying lipstick. I've used it for both and it works well for both. Finally, we have the buffing brush, which is my favorite. I use it to apply powder after my foundation to set it, and it's absolutely great for that. It blends the powder into my skin super well and makes it look natural.

Is it worth the price? To me, yes. I use three out of four brushes regularly, so let's pretend the other one doesn't count. That makes each brush worth $6.00 USD. It's more expensive than the average e.l.f. brush, but way less expensive than, say, a Sigma brush, and a bit cheaper than most Morphe brushes. I don't own any Sigma brushes, but I've heard nothing but good things about them. I own some Morphe brushes, and I actually prefer the Real Techniques ones (I still love the Morphe ones too, though!). I own a few e.l.f. brushes as well, and these are just a bit better than those. If you absolutely love e.l.f. brushes, then you'll probably like these too.

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