Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another Haul!

Dollar Tree Beauty Haul

I know that I said in my last haul I wasn't planning on buying any more makeup for a while, but then I heard that Dollar Tree had been selling brand-name makeup, and I didn't want to miss out on that! The makeup section in my dollar tree is pretty small, but I did find some of the brand-name makeup, including the thing I was hoping they had the most! Everything I show cost me a dollar USD at Dollar Tree.

First off, I got some Milani lip glosses. You can't find these on the Milani website, so they're probably discontinued. You may still be able to find them at your local Dollar Tree, though! There were only these three colors that I could see, so I got all of them. I've never tried Milani products before, but I've heard lots of good things. There were no color names on these.

These are what I was really hoping they'd have at my Dollar Tree, and they did! They only had two colors, but that's fantastic seeing as I didn't expect them to have any. The colors are 02 Pink Rave and 04 Violet Addict.

Next I got a tube of Carmex because I've heard it's good for chapped and cracked lips like mine. It seems like everybody but me has tried it.

I got these Dollar Tree brand (I think) lip glosses because they're colorful and the flavors sounded nice. I'm not expecting much from them, but they'll be cute to have on display at the very least.

After that I picked up a Palmer's lip balm to try out. I've heard it's good, so I wanted to test that out for myself.

Next up are these ChapIce lip balms that I got because watermelon and blue raspberry are two of my favorite artificial flavors. Plus it comes with three in a pack, which is a good deal.

Then I purchased a little Nivia cream tin because I love Nivea products and had yet to try this one out. Their body lotion and lip butters are great, so I expect that this will be too.

Next I got two Milani liquid eyeliners in 04 Emerald Glisten and 05 Sparkling Turquoise. I only have these colors of eyeliner in gel and pencil form, which I don't use as often as liquid, and I often find myself wanting fun colors of liquid eyeliner, so I got these.

After that I grabbed a pair of Sassy + Chic "fashion" eyelashes. I have enough false lashes already but I wanted to test these ones out.

Next up is this Milani nail polish in Canyon Country. I don't have a color exactly like this in my collection, so I decided to pick it up.

Here are the Essie nail strips/stickers I got. When I saw these I got super excited, because Essie nail polish is $8.50 USD a bottle, so these were probably originally somewhat expensive too. I can't find them on the Essie website, but I assume that they would usually cost more than a dollar.

Next I got some Sassy + Chic nail strips/stickers that I thought were super cute. I currently have a broken nail so I can't wear them yet, but I plan to as soon as it heals.

Then I got this Revlon nail art thing. The orange side is a bit separated but a good shake fixed that. Both of these colors looked nice so I decided to get it.

Next I got some Global Beauty Care cleansing cloths because although I'm not running out of makeup remover wipes quite yet, it's always good to stock up. I don't know for sure if these will remove makeup, but I hope they do.

Lastly I got some foot cream and body wash. My feet have been dry lately, and I wanted a new body wash, so I got these. The foot cream doesn't have a scent and the body wash smells lovely.

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