Monday, September 7, 2015

Eye Shadow Brush Review

EcoTools 6 Mini Brushes Review

A while back, I was on a trip and saw this small pack of EcoTools mini brushes in a drugstore for a decent price and decided to get them as I only had two real eye shadow brushes at the time - I usually just used my fingers or a sponge applicator to apply shadow. I wanted to step up my makeup game and get more shadow brushes. They can also be used as lip brushes, but I've only used one for that once. Sadly, you can't get them on the EcoTools website at this time, but you can currently get them here for just $4.49 USD!

These are the brushes. I believe that the original packaging (which I threw away long ago) claims that some of them differ from the others, but I don't really notice any differences. I got the pack for six or seven bucks, making each brush about a dollar. I don't think they're worth that. Compared to a $1.00 e.l.f. brush, they're pretty bad quality. They don't apply much shadow at all - even the most pigmented shadows take at least 3 layers to be anywhere near opaque. I still use them on occasion because I have them around, but I would not re-purchase them. Don't get me wrong, I love EcoTools - just not these specific brushes. I have nowhere near this amount of trouble with their other brushes that I own. Maybe that's why you can't get them on the EcoTools website anymore. Overall, I would still recommend the EcoTools brand of brushes, but not these ones specifically.

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