Saturday, September 12, 2015

ShopMissA Haul

Huge ShopMissA Haul!

I've been hearing about for a while now, and I finally decided to make an order. Literally everything other than about 4-7 charm bracelets and necklaces is a dollar USD! I was of course drawn to the makeup, but I did purchase a few accessories and miscellaneous items that I'll show first to get out of the way. Everything but one item came totally undamaged, and that one item was easily fixable. The packaging was great too - many things came individually wrapped.

Here are the accessories I purchased. I got a bracelet with a rose, a necklace with a bow, a chain necklace, an adjustable turtle ring, and a set of five golden bangles. All of it seems to be of decent quality, think Forever 21 quality, but it's probably made of the metal that turns your skin green, which is fine with me because it was all so cheap.

Next I got an eye shadow brush from Princessa to try out. I don't have nearly enough eye shadow brushes so I'm always looking to add to my collection.

I also got some cute little green frog sticky notes. You can never have too many sticky notes, and these ones are almost too cute to justify using.

I got a couple containers of nail polish remover pads to have around, one from Kleancolor and one from L.A. Colors. Each have 32 pads, so if they end up working, they'll last me quite a while. Plus, both of them are acetone free!

The last non-makeup things I got were a few face masks from Beauty Treats. I love using face masks and for a dollar, I couldn't pass these up. I'll let you know how they worked and if they break me out in a future post.

Finally, on to the makeup! I got three e.l.f. Essential Lipsticks in Flirtatious, Sociable, and Fearless. I've heard a lot about these, both good things and bad, so I figured I should try them out for myself to see if I like them.

Next up are some Kleancolor Kleanista lipsticks in the colors Sky Dive, Lightning Struck, and Envious Desire. From what I've heard, they're pigmented but not long-lasting, but I'll post my own review once I've tried them out myself.

Here we have a cute little Santee Color Revolution Lipstick in color number four. The green writing makes the packaging look a bit cheap, but it's a dollar, so really it is cheap. Otherwise the packaging is very cute, which is the main reason I got it. I don't usually get things just because they're cute, but for a dollar, I can afford to.

Next I got three IT Girl Lip Glosses in the shades 2, 4, and 6. I'll review them in a new post when I get the chance to try them out. They all look very pretty.

I also got three Hydrate & Moisturize Lip Balms in the flavors strawberry, watermelon, and cherry. I don't know if they'll actually be hydrating and moisturizing, but I figured they're worth a try.

Next is a Beauty Treats Velvet Matte Lipstick in color 2, which is an orange. It's currently out of stock on ShopMissA, but it should be back in stock any time.

This is the Amuse Precise Black Liquid Eyeliner. The product says waterproof, which the website does not, but that's fine with me. For a dollar, I wasn't expecting much, but it's actually quite pigmented.

Now we have some lipliners. I got three Kleancolor ones, and the middle one is retractable! The middle one is also labeled as an eyeliner on the website, but I plan to use it as a lipliner.

These are the L.A. Colors Jumbo Pencils in Iridescent Light and Sea Shells. I thought that these would make good eye bases for more colorful looks.

Moving onto eye shadows, this is the High Intensity 4 Eyeshadow Palette by Rich On in the color 3. I wanted the color 4, but it was out of stock. It smelled a bit odd when I opened it, but I think it's the plastic, not the shadows. The pigmentation is okay.

Next up is the Amuse Pressed Eyeshadow Pigment in Black Night. Honestly, the color payoff isn't great, but I needed a black eye shadow, and this was a dollar. But for a dollar, I don't expect a whole lot.

After that I got the Kleancolor Utopia Baked Eyeshadow in Game. It doesn't have great pigmentation either, but it's still workable, and it's pretty to look at.

Then are all four of the Magic Finish Luminzing Eyeshadows that ShopMissA offered. The two on the right look like good highlight shades, and the pigmentation is great, especially for just a dollar.

Next are three of the Kleancolor Ms. Chick blushes in the colors Petal, Apricot, and Sunbaked. The pigmentation is fantastic, but they're a bit powdery.

This was the object that came a bit damaged - the eyelash comb had come off of the mascara tube. Luckily, it snapped right back on. This is the Santee Waterproof Mascara with Comb. I mostly got it for the comb, as I rarely use waterproof mascara, and because it's cute.

Next up are six pairs of false lashes, four from Kara and two from Kleancolor. The Kleancolor ones are way longer than I expected, but I'll probably still wear them at some point.

Lastly, I got a Kara clear eyelash glue. It's smaller than I expected, but that's my fault for not doing better research.

That's all! Let me know which things I should review first!

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