Monday, September 7, 2015

Hair Paste Review

Kerastase Short Mania Hair Paste Review

I got my hair cut super short a while ago, and my hair dresser recommended this product to help style and smooth down my hair. It isn't cheap - $36.00 USD for 75ml - but I love it, and it lasts forever when you don't use it every single day. You can purchase it here.

Here's the packaging. Nothing fancy, but it doesn't leak or get too messy, which is good. It's purple, which is a pretty color, so that's cool.

This is the product inside the container. As you can see, I've uses a fair bit, so I think it's time to give it a review. To use it, I rub a small amount (I'm talking pea-sized) between my hands and run it through all of my hair, styling it as I go. It works super well to smooth down stray hairs or any bits that stick up, as well as to hold a style all day long. I've found that it tends to work all day long without re-application or touch-ups, which is fantastic, because I just don't tend to have time for that. I highly recommend this to anybody with super-short hair like me (short as in pixie cut short), even for the price - it's worth it!

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