Friday, September 4, 2015

Urban Decay Electric Palette Review

Urban Decay Electric Palette Review

I purchased the Urban Decay Electric Palette a couple of months ago because I love wearing bright colors, and it is FULL of bright colors. I had never tried any Urban Decay product before (I'm more of a drugstore girl), so it was definitely an investment. But it was one I was willing to make, since the reviews were all pretty good. First off...

The Packaging

I'm in love with this packaging. I feel that the bright colors represent the pigments inside. It's made of plastic, but it's a hard, sturdy plastic. It seems to be solid if you tap on it. I have yet to drop it, but I have no doubt that it would survive if I did. The font is pleasant on the eyes as well.

The Inside

It comes with ten colors, all labeled, which I like. First you have Revolt, a very glittery silver. Next you have Gonzo, a satin medium blue. After that you have Slowburn, a slightly shimmery bright red. Next is Savage, a matte hot pink. Then is Fringe, a satin teal color. Next up is my personal favorite, Chaos, a slightly shimmery electric dark blue. Next is Jilted, a satin purple-pink. After that one is Urban, a slightly shimmery dark purple. Next is Freak, a satin light but bright green. Lastly we have Thrash, a matte yellow-green. All of them are very pigmented, even Revolt, although that one has a bit less pigment than the others. I like to use it on my inner corner. Although the back of the package says not to use certain pigments around the eye area, I have used every single one on my eyelids without problem. However, this is because I don't see a bit of staining as a problem, since I don't really mind it. If you don't want your eyelids to be slightly stained, don't use these pigments. The "worst" staining comes from using Chaos, Slowburn, and Savage. Overall, there is occasionally some fallout, but generally very little. Personally I think that this palette is well worth the money, as I get a lot of use out of it. But if you don't use bright colors on a regular basis, you may not want to invest in this palette. I would recommend a cheaper palette if this is the case for you. You can buy the palette here for $49.00 USD. It also comes with a double ended brush!

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