Monday, October 31, 2016

Products I'm Excited About

Products I Can't Wait to Try (Ulta Haul!)

With so many new beauty and makeup products rolling out constantly, it's easy to forget about older ones that you never got around to trying. I recently made a trip to Ulta and I spent a good 2 hours there deciding on new things to try. Instead of gravitating to the brand-new releases like I usually do, I went for some of the things that I've been dying to try for months (or even over a year!). I plan to review most, if not all, of these things in the future, so let me know which ones you want to see first!

The only newer thing I got was an Urban Decay Vice lipstick in F-Bomb. I wanted to try out the new formula, and even though I absolutely do not need another red lipstick, I got another red lipstick. They had the same shade in their Revolution lipstick line and I always thought it was pretty. The Urban Decay website claims that "Just one swipe provides an unbelievable laydown of color," which sounds fantastic to me since I always want a highly pigmented lipstick.

I surprised myself by only getting three lip products - these two and the Vice lipstick. Lipsticks are my weakness, so that's pretty good for me (I know, I have a problem). NYX's Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick and Suede Matte Lip Liner in Little Denim Dress have been on my wishlist for quite a while now, so I can barely wait to start trying them out! Blue lipstick is a trend I'm intrigued by, and I've had good experiences with NYX lip products in the past, so I'm hoping this will be as good as I'm expecting.

Ever since I dyed my hair hot pink a couple months ago, I've been using hot pink eyeshadow to fill in my brows. The issue with that is I only have clear and blonde brow mascaras, so my natural eyebrows peek through a bit. I'm planning to use these NYX Color Mascaras in Pink Perfect and Coral Reef (it says Coral Reef on the tube, but the Ulta listing just says Reef) as brow mascaras to remedy that problem. Once I find a good white lash primer to make them pop, I'll probably use them like regular mascaras as well.

It seems that every blog post and YouTube video I see about brushes includes at least one from IT Cosmetics. I was in need of a new blending brush (then again, when am I not?) and this one, the #105 Blending Crease Brush, looked promising. I haven't gotten the chance to wash it and try it out yet, so I don't know if it will shed, but it does feel very soft. I've heard nothing but good things about the IT Cosmetics brushes, so I have high expectations.

Mini things are my weakness in every aspect of life, from makeup to animals (like have you SEEN a mini pony?), and I've wanted to try this for so long. I didn't realize it came with a mini brush until I got home and opened it and I almost cried (I'm serious about mini things). Since it's hard for me to get the right bronzer shade, I'm glad I got the Mini Hoola Bronzer to try before purchasing a full size.

How I haven't even tried the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray until now is beyond me. It seems like this is everybody's holy grail setting spray. I've always hesitated because of the $30 price tag, especially since I love the Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Setting Spray which is only $6. But I've finally given into the hype, and I'm hoping it ends up being as good as everyone says.

Until now, I didn't have an actual face moisturizer, I was using a body moisturizer that I liked (see my previous skincare routine here). Burt's Bees is a great brand to get skincare with mostly natural ingredients for a drugstore price. I got the Sensitive Daily Moisturizer even though my skin hasn't been sensitive in years because I hate the feeling of heavy moisturizers. My skin is normal to dry though, so I may end up needing something a bit more moisturizing once it starts to get cold.

I've been curious about the Biore Baking Soda Liquid Pore Cleanser ever since it came out, so I finally decided to get it. I've used the Biore pore strips for years and love them, so it's a brand I trust when it comes to skincare. Baking soda cleans things pretty well in my experience, so it'll be interesting in skincare.

I broke my rule and got a high-end cleanser. I only buy drugstore cleansers because unlike things such as eye cream and moisturizer, the product washes down the drain instead of absorbing into your skin. If I'm paying more for skincare, I want the extra money I'm paying for better ingredients to be as beneficial as possible. But everyone raved about this when I was starting to get into makeup, and I've always been curious. So I gave in and got the Purity Made Simple Cleanser in the 8oz bottle. I almost hope I don't fall in love with it because then I'll want to repurchase it, and it's more expensive than any of my drugstore cleansers.

So many people have talked about how good these smell, so I decided to try them out. The Breakfast Scrub smells literally just like maple syrup, which makes my Canadian side very happy. And the Sugar Crush Body Buttercream smells exactly like a lime. They aren't scents I would have picked on my own, but now that I have them, they're definitely growing on me!

I'm so excited to try all of these out! If you want to share your thoughts on these products or tell me about beauty items you're excited to try, feel free to leave a comment underneath this post, or check out the Contact Me page! Also let me know which of these things you want to see a review on first!

Friday, October 28, 2016

I'm Actually Back

I'm Actually Back This Time + An Update on Life

Hello, everyone! I know it's been quite a while, and I'd like to apologize for that as well as offer an explanation. I did mean to come back when I posted my last "I'm Back" post, but life doesn't always go as planned. Since then I've had some more health issues as well as quite a few unexpected stressful life events. I love this blog but I simply didn't have the energy to update it, so I made the choice to take a break as mental health is very important to me. I definitely thought I would be back sooner, but I've had a few things happen in my family life that set me back in my recovery. I'm still pretty out of it, so I'm going to be changing some things about how I run this blog.


  • I'll only be posting three times a week for now - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In the future I do plan to go back to every weekday but for now that's just not something I can handle. This will be starting next week, on Monday Oct. 31st.
  • Any sort of series such as project pans won't be continuing since it's been so long. This includes the Erin Condren stickers I said I'd be doing, since I've lost interest in that and just don't have the time or energy as of now.
  • Every once in a while I may post a short life update or rambly post on something I find interesting. They won't be counted as one of the three weekly posts, so they'll go up on the weekend, a Tuesday, or a Thursday.
  • I'm going to be updating the layout of the blog a bit, probably adding some new pages if I can figure it out such as an About Me and a place to find me on social media. If anybody has any suggestions, feel free to comment, e-mail me at, or message me on my Instagram which is @makeupwithmaggie773.
  • Suggestions! Although I did take suggestions for posts and content before, I never made it very clear how or where to do so. You can suggest things using the same methods I listed in the fourth bullet point, and I will be trying to find another easy, clear way for you to use.
It's good to be back, I missed this blog and the interaction I had with readers. I wanted to come back on September 3rd, which would have been this blog's first birthday, but life just didn't allow it. I've been looking into getting a real camera to take pictures for posts with - I'm still using the built-in camera on my iPhone 6, which isn't bad (I remember when I got my first phone in 2011, a Pantech Ease, and thought that it had good camera quality - technology progresses so fast now!) but still not as good as I'd like. I appreciate anybody who's stuck around all this time and/or kept following my Instagram for updates all this time, I would totally understand if you hadn't but I'm so glad you did.