Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Morning Skincare

My Super Simple Morning Skincare Routine

I want to be totally honest - I don't do this every single morning. I skip at least one step a lot of mornings because I'm lazy. Because I have very well behaved skin, I can get away with it. This is just what I do on mornings when I have the time, energy, and lack of laziness to do everything I would ideally do to take care of my skin when I wake up. I'm very lucky when it comes to my skin - not only do I for the most part have normal skin (with the occasional dry patches), I have very little acne. I think that genetics have a big part to play in this as neither of my parents ever had really bad acne, but my skin is still pretty great. I think I also outgrew my acne a bit, since my "bad" acne (if you could even call it that, because even back then it wasn't that bad) happened back when I was between 12 and 14. So even when I slack on skincare, my skin tends to look pretty darn good, and when I'm keeping up with my skincare, my skin looks pretty much flawless. I don't mean to brag about it at all, but it is true - I just happen to have nice skin. I am very lucky to have it and I wish that there was some secret to it I could share but for me there really isn't one, it's just genetics and luck. If you do struggle with bad acne, I suggest good skincare and if that doesn't work then ask your doctor what to do because acne can really diminish your confidence and that's not something you should have to deal with.

This is just my morning skincare routine. My evening skincare varies depending on if I wore makeup than day and how long it's been since I exfoliated, so I'll save that for a different post. I know that some people recommend using things like toner in the evening but I use it in the morning and I don't have any issue so I recommend experimenting with your skincare and figuring out what works best for your skin because everyone has different needs when it comes to skincare. Also please keep in mind that a product that works well for me might work terribly for you, so even if I highly recommend a product, do your research before trying it and don't expect it to work the same way for you. For reference, I have normal skin with occasional dry patches, mostly under my eyes, and I tend to get very dark undereye circles due to sleep issues and the fact that I am very light skinned.

The first step when I wake up is to cleanse. I find that a cleansing or micellar water works just fine. I prefer the Garnier Micellar water with the pink cap over this Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water because it's cheaper and works just as well without stinging my eyes, but since I'm not removing eye makeup in the morning I'm using the Sephora one until it's gone. I squirt some onto a cotton round and use that all over my face to cleanse.

I use the same method as I did with the cleansing water to apply toner. I found this toner at Ross for $6.99 USD. For a list of reasons to use toner, click here. I like to use it as a second cleansing step as well as a way to help feel refreshed as it feels nice and cooling after the bottle is sitting out on my desk overnight. I've used DIY toners in the past, made from green tea, witch hazel, and water, but I like this more as it's less drying.

I use the Nivea Original Daily Moisture Body Lotion as my daily facial moisturizer. I do not recommend using most body lotions as facial moisturizers, but this particular one works for me, so I continue to use it. I know you aren't technically supposed to, but I've never run into problems doing it, so I will continue to use it o my face until I run into issues. My skin simply does not need a highly moisturizing, specialized face cream, and I don't really have the money to be regularly buying lots of expensive skincare. My only expensive skincare item is my eye cream, which I will show you after this. I apply this moisturizer all over my face and neck, avoiding the eye area as I apply my eye cream there and I don't want to over-moisturize the area.

I use the Origins GinZing eye cream, although I haven't actually opened this one yet since I still have some of my deluxe sized sample from my Sephora 100 point perk left. I apply it to my undereye and lid area using my middle or ring finger in a large circular motion. I find that this eye cream hydrates really well and truly helps with my dark undereye circles (when I remember ti use it regularly). It's even almost shimmery without actually having shimmer so it brightens the area you apply it to immediately after application.

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