Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lipstick Swatches & First Impression

Kleancolor Madly Matte Lipsticks First Impression And Swatches

Yesterday I hauled these lipsticks, and I wanted to do a first impression including swatches. I will swatch them on both the inside of my wrist and on my lips! The shades are, from left to right, Orchard, Brick Rose, Arctic, Catalina, and Liberty. Orchard and Brick Rose are the most wearable shades in my opinion, and definitely the better quality ones, as you will see in the swatches. I haven't worn any of them for a full day yet but it's easy to tell from the swatches that some of them are better than others. I will say that these don't seem to be totally matte either - they range from satin to more of a glossy finish, other than Arctic which is pretty matte but also very patchy.

Orchard is a stunning blue-based dark pink that I can definitely see myself wearing a lot if I end up liking the formula. It's definitely not a really matte finish, it's closer to a satin, but that's what I prefer anyways.

Brick Rose looks more red on camera and in pictures than it does in person, but it does have more red in it than Orchard did. It's basically what you would get if you took Orchard and added some red to it, and I really like it. I think it makes red lipstick more wearable for everyday if red isn't exactly your thing. This one has more shine to it than the last one did.

Arctic is going to end up being a lipstick I use to lighten other lipsticks, because on it's own it's very clingy and patchy. It's also not all that pigmented unless you really build it up. I personally wouldn't wear this on it's own because I think it makes my lips look terrible but I think it will work to lighten other lipsticks. It has more of a true matte finish than any of the others, but that seems to make it patchy and very dry.

Catalina is a really pretty color, almost a blue that I would wear everyday if it were just a little more pigmented. I do have some blue eyeliners that might match this well enough to use as lipliners so that this lipstick would look more opaque, so I plan to try that out. As for the finish, it's closer to a satin than a matte, but I still like it a lot.

The last lipstick I have to show you today is Liberty, a dark blue. I kind of see it as a crayon blue, which ruins it being pretty to me a little bit, but I would still wear it for fun every once in a while. I would probably have to use a blue eyeliner as a lipliner so it would be a little less patchy, but as far as super cheap lipsticks in fun colors go, this isn't all that bad.

So my first impression is that these are worth it. You can get them for a dollar each from ShopMissA and they come in lots of other colors. The shade Arctic is one to avoid if you're going for something to wear on it's own, but if you just want something to mix with other lipsticks to lighten them then it's worth a try. It's hard to find blue lipsticks for drugstore prices, and these are only a $1.00 USD! So I would say that if you want some decent lipsticks and don't want to pay much at all and are willing to risk a few of them not being the absolute best quality, go for it.

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