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ShopMissA Review

ShopMissA Review + What To Buy

If you aren't familiar with, you totally should be - it's a website where everything is a dollar. They do have a few slightly more expensive things in their charm shop, but other than that, literally everything is a dollar - jewelry, accessories, and even makeup! When I first heard about it, I thought that there had to be a catch. Surely it must be a scam or something? But no, it's totally legit, and I can say that with confidence after ordering from them five times now without issue. I have contacted their customer service once, and the email I received in response was prompt, polite, and friendly. I emailed their customer service because my order hadn't shipped as quickly as all of my other orders had, and I wanted to know when it would. It shipped by the time I got a response (which still took less than 48 hours), but the email was still very nice and informed me of when my order had shipped as well as how I could track my package. Overall, I was very satisfied with their customer service and it makes me love the company even more than I already did.

As for shipping costs, that's where some people may be a bit unhappy. Their U.S. shipping rates are very reasonable in my opinion - standard shipping is $3.95, expedited is $9.95, and at the time I made my last few orders they were offering free shipping on U.S. orders over $30, but they don't seem to be offering that at this time. Shipping to Canada, however, is a bit more expensive. Shipping on orders $40 (I believe that all prices stated are in U.S. Dollars) and under is $5.95. Shipping on orders $40.01 to $70 is $9.95, and shipping on orders $70.01 and up is $19.95. If you're shipping internationally outside of Canada, the shipping for orders $40 and under is $9.95, the shipping for orders $40.01 to $70 is $19.95, and shipping on orders $70.01 and up is $29.95. This is quite expensive, although I don't really know what international shipping rates are for other companies, so it's possible that this isn't actually that expensive compared to other online retailers. ShopMissA's warehouse that they ship from is in Dallas, Texas, so that explains why it's less expensive to ship to the U.S. and a bit less expensive to ship to Canada. All of my orders have gotten to me within 7-8 days of me placing my order, and I live in the U.S.

All in all, I absolutely love ShopMissA and would highly recommend you check it out. Some of the products are hit-and-miss but most of the time if you're willing to work with the product then you'll find that it's a pretty darn good deal. The quality of their items is never terrible, even if it's not always the best, but you have to keep in mind that you're only paying a dollar. I've found so many items from ShopMissA that I love that it's worth having to get rid of a few products I don't.

The first product I would recommend buying from ShopMissA, and quite possibly my favorite find, is the Santee Super Smooth Concealer. I use the shade #7. I love it because not only is it a great formula that doesn't break me out, it actually comes in a light enough shade for me to highlight my undereye area. I've looked for a concealer that could do that for so long, and finding one for only a dollar was super cool.

This Kleancolor Airy Minerals Matte Finishing Powder is usually out of stock but if you ever see that it's not then definitely get your hands on one. It's a great translucent setting powder and you don't need a lot to get a pretty matte finish.

Not only is the formula of the Kleancolor Tanned Rawr Matte Bronzer great, so is the shade I got, Bali Matte. This is a total steal and the packaging is cute as well!

I use my Giovi Magic Finish Luminizing Eyeshadow in 04 as a face highlight. It's pretty messed up since I used a bunch of it to make DIY rainbow highlights but it's still super great. The shade 02 works as a face highlight as well but I don't have that one anymore.

You can get the e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal other places too, but I got mine from ShopMissA so I'm including it here. It's one of my new absolute favorite highlighting products.

The AOA Studio Wonder Blenders are so fantastic! They're really nice, especially for the price, and they do almost as good a job as the Beauty Blender itself. They come in two shapes, as well as the colors pink and black.

The LA Colors Jumbo Eye Pencils, especially the one in Sea Shells (the white one) are absolutely fantastic as eyeshadow bases. I use the white one all the time to make bright colors pop even more.

The Santee Glam Eyes duos (I have the one in 08) are so good! They really seem like they should cost more than a dollar. They're super blendable and quite pigmented as well.

I really recommend the Kleancolor Color Playlist quad, specifically in the color Jazz. I love it for the white-looking shade. When you use it dry it;s nothing special, but used wet it has this beautiful iridescence that looks great both on it's own or on top of other shadows.

The Starry Rosehip Honey Essence Lip Balm is so nourishing, almost as good as the Nivea lip butters I love so much. It has quite a strong sweet, almost floral scent though, so if you don't like that then steer clear.

The Beauty Treats Lip Care Rosehip lip balm is so nice, and I use it pretty much daily, usually more than once. It's really conditioning for your lips and I feel like it's somewhat healing for them as well.

You need to try the Beauty Treats Lip Scrubs! I;m nearly done with the Almond Creme one so I got two backups in different flavors because I loved it so much. It's just "scrubby" enough and it leaves your lips super soft and smooth. I use them once a day since I moisturize my lips so much.

Not only is the Beauty Treats Bunny Balm cute, it's also really moisturizing! It leaves my lips in super great condition after I wear it.

The Kleancolor lipliners are really nice, and they come in lots of colors! I like the automatic ones as well but I decided just to show the sharpenable ones. The formula's not too bad and they really lock your lipstick in place.

The only shade of the LA Colors Lip Duos I have is Clarity, but I love it so much that I may have to buy them all. I'm not as into the gloss, but the lipstick is actually really great!

Have you ever ordered from ShopMissA? What did you get? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I have few of things from your haul coming too ! Am excited to try the santee glam duo ! It looks really promising! Also the beauty blenders !!