Friday, May 13, 2016

Full Face Of First Impressions

Full Face Of Affordable First Impressions

I was in the mood to wear makeup today, but I wasn't leaving the house, so I thought, what better time to try out a bunch of new makeup? I put all of it on around 10:00 A.M. and I will write updates throughout the day.

The only thing here that isn't new is the Revlon Colorstay foundation, which I already know I love. I applied it with the sponge I got from Dollar Tree, which I dampened first. I found that it seemed to soak up a lot of the product, much more than a Beauty Blender or even the AOA sponges from ShopMissA which are also a dollar. I had to use a lot more product, and I still ended up getting less coverage in the end. The Santee concealer isn't exactly new to me but I have yet to review it, so I thought now would be a good time. I absolutely love it, and it's only a dollar from ShopMissA. Most of the new items I'm trying out in this post are from ShopMissA. I love the concealer because it offers medium to full coverage without caking up, it doesn't break me out like I expected it to because it's so cheap, and it comes in a shade light enough for me to highlight my undereye area. I also tried out the Kleancolor Airy Minerals powder for the first time, and it's definitely not bad. The packaging isn't the most convenient but for a dollar it's fine if you're willing to work with it. I didn't have to use a whole lot to set my entire face and it didn't make me look or feel cakey. Even my undereyes looked great after I set them with it.

I've really wanted to try all three of these products for a long time, so I was excited to get them recently. The blush was a bit underwhelming, but I think that might have been the way I applied it. I used a stippling brush and blended it out that way, but I might have been better off using my fingers, so I'll try that next time. The highlight (in the shade Lilac Petal) is really pretty, although I would prefer that it was a little more glowy. The bronzer is the perfect color for me, and it's not super pigmented which is great for me because I'm very fair so I prefer a buildable bronzer. The blush and highlight are both liquid/cream products but they dried down after a few minutes so they probably won't be smearing around throughout the day.

I wanted to keep my eye look easy because I didn't feel like putting in a whole lot of effort, so I stuck to just putting the blue shade in the LA Colors quad all over my lid. It wasn't super pigmented but it is pretty buildable, although it still won't be as dark on the lid as it is in the pan. The mascara wand is absolutely huge and I couldn't avoid getting mascara all over my lower lashline and a bit on my eyelid. Otherwise, though, my first impression of the mascara is that I like it. It's pretty black and makes my lashes look nice with just one coat.

For my lips, I used the Kleancolor eye/lip liner in Silver Blue and the Kleancolor Madly Matte lipstick in Liberty. With the liner the lipstick ends up being a lot more opaque. I guess I was feeling like blue today, and I know the look doesn't really go together well but I like it and that's what matters. I'm not leaving the house anyways so it doesn't really matter how crazy I look. I feel like I'll have to touch up the lipstick a few times just from how it feels on the lips - quite creamy and a bit slippery.

Here's how my eye and lips looked right after I put my makeup on at 10:00 A.M. I will try to update ever few hours.

12:00 P.M.

After two hours, the eye makeup is holding up well. My face makeup also still looks pretty much the same, although what little blush I had been able to see two hours ago is gone now. Luckily the pinky tone of the highlight adds some color to my cheeks. The bronzer is looking great still as well. As for the lipstick, it's really clinging to my dry patches and starting to feel oddly sticky. It's not picking up on camera but there's actually some patches of my lip color starting to show through. I have eaten lunch and drank some water but most lipsticks last better than this through eating and drinking on me. I'm surprised how badly it's clinging to dry patches on my lips considering I've been taking great care of my lips lately. I feel like most other lipsticks would look better on my lips in the condition they're in right now than this one.

12:30 P.M.

I ended up getting so annoyed with the lipstick that I took it off. It started feeling horribly drying and wearing off really badly. I'll be wearing a lip balm for the rest of the day so my poor lips can recover. The verdict on this lipstick is that I don't like it.

8:00 P.M.

The eyeshadow is totally creased and has transferred to my lower lashline somehow at this point, but the mascara has held up surprisingly well. The bronzer is mostly gone, but I didn't use a whole lot in the first place, and my highlight is still there. My foundation still looks pretty much flawless but that isn't a surprise as I've used the Revlon Colorstay before and it's my favorite foundation. I'm going to go ahead and say that it's time to take this makeup off for the day.

The Verdict - 

I'll have to try out the Dollar Tree sponge a few more times, but so far it's not really my thing. Same goes for the Kleancolor Madly Matte lipstick. The Kleancolor Airy Minerals powder worked great and I can definitely see myself using that on a regular basis. I need to play around with the blush and the bronzer a bit more before I decide on my final thoughts, but neither of them seem bad. I'm totally loving the highlight though! As for the eyeshadow, I'll need to see how well it lasts with primer. The mascara isn't bad, I'll need to experiment with using different wands for sure though because the wand it comes with is far too big for me to work with.

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