Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mini MAC Haul

A Few Things From MAC

I think I might start getting more samples with my MAC orders now as this order pushed me to "Devoted" status in the MAC Select program, but for this order I got one. I'm not even sure that Devoted members get more samples, but I think I heard somewhere they do. Either way, this time I decided on the False Lashes Extreme Black mascara as my sample. I thought about getting another sample of the Strobe Cream because I really like it but I'm nowhere near finished with the one I have now and I may end up purchasing the full size when I'm done with my sample anyways. I did open the mascara to see the wand and the wand is fine but I really didn't like the smell.

I got my first ever MAC blush! I chose the shade Peaches because I thought that it would be nice for the spring and summer. I don't have many blushes this color and I really want to play around with some, so I figured I should at least try a high quality one, which according to most reviews this one is. It's also a sheertone, which means it won't be super pigmented with just one swipe. I prefer buildable blushes, which is what this one appears to be.

I've been eager to try Fix + for a very long time now, so I'm excited to finally have some. People swear by the stuff so it must be pretty good. I plan to use it mostly to wet eyeshadows since I hear it's great for that and not as great for making your makeup last extra long. I do hear it's good as a refreshing mist, but I don't tend to need that as much.

Ever since this lipstick has come out, I've been dying to get it, not only because the shade is gorgeous, but because as I understand it 100% of the sale price goes to the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative. I usually would go for a satin or matte finish over a cremesheen but for this lipstick I can deal with having to build up the color a bit more and needing to reapply a bit more often.

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