Thursday, May 5, 2016

ShopMissA Haul

ShopMissA Makeup and Jewelry Haul

I recently made my fifth order from ShopMissA, which is a website where everything is a dollar. I got some jewelry this time hoping that it would push me to accessorize more. I never end up wearing jewelry unless it's a special occasion and I think I should wear it more, so I got some new things to accessorize with.

I got a ton of earrings and only ended up getting one ring. Most of their rings are for ring sizes 7-8 and my ring size is about a 10 so I have to get their adjustable rings and this was one of the only ones in stock at the time. I have two piercings in each ear so I like sets of earrings because they give me ideas of which earrings to pair together.

I got a lot of bracelets because I like to layer them. I think the black dangly one is my favorite, although I do love the turtles on the blue one.

I was really excited about the emoji necklace because I thought it would be fun to pair with my emoji shirt, and I liked the other necklace because I love silver and turquoise together. I know that close up it looks a bit cheap but from further away it doesn't look bad so I don't really mind.

ShopMissA recently came out with their own sponges and brush cleaning eggs, so I got them. I got two sponges in case I ended up really liking them so I'd have a backup if they sold out. They claim to be made in the same warehouse as "the beauty industry-leading makeup blender brand" so of course I immediately thought they could be a dupe for the Beauty Blender. I recently got a Beauty Blender and just by feeling these sponges I can tell that they won't be exact dupes. They feel a lot more dense and less lightweight. But if they give the same results as the Beauty Blender, then I would be happy with that. As for the brush cleaning egg, I already have the Real Techniques brush cleaning palette as well as a textured silicone oven mitt I use to wash my brushes on, but I wanted to do a post comparing all three methods and seeing which was best.

I needed an eyelash curler just to toss in my makeup bag, so I figured this one would work. I've tested it out and I do prefer my normal Revlon one but this isn't bad.

This is the KleanColor FemmeAdvice Matte Eyeshadow Palette in 7 Be the Boss. I chose this one for the orangey warm tones because I really like those. I figure that since you're getting 8 shadows for a dollar the quality probably won't be great but when I swatched them they didn't seem too bad.

I got this Santee Super Smooth Concealer in the shade #7 because it looked like it would be really light, and I was correct. I still need to test if it will break me out, but if it doesn't then this may finally be something I can use to highlight my undereyes.

I'm almost out of my Beauty Treats Lip Scrub in Almond Creme, and even though it's technically a bit cheaper to make my own lip scrub, I really liked the almond one so I wanted to try out more flavors. Besides, at a dollar each, it's not like this is particularly expensive either.

I like the Beauty Treats lip scrubs so much that I was dying to try their other lip care. I went with the rosehip oil one because I've never tried a rosehip lip balm or treatment before. You seem to get quite a bit of product so if it end up being good then I can definitely see myself getting the other kinds.

I got two lipliners because I have a lack of lipliners that I actually wear. So I went for more wearable shades, although the brownish one looked a lot lighter on the website. If I don't end up using it then I'll give it to a friend who will.

I didn't have any colorful liquid liners anymore so I picked up a couple in pink and purple. The pink one seemed a bit clumpy when I swatched it, but the purple one went on super smoothly.

This eyeliner was far too cute not to get. It's like a little bear! I really don't need another black liquid liner right now but I'm okay with getting another one if it's this adorable.

I've been getting interested in cream blushes lately, so I decided to give this one a go. It's in a nice wearable color and the texture seems pretty good. It isn't super greasy and it seems pretty blendable.

These lip tattoo stains seem to be blowing up on the internet so I wanted to try one out for myself and see what the hype was about. I watched some YouTube videos on them and they seem terrifying but I'm willing to give it a shot.

I got two Amuse Creamy Matte Lipsticks in the shades 1 and 8, mostly because the packaging looked gorgeous. When I swatched them the lipstick looked matte but it didn't pull at my skin so it might not be a super drying formula which would be nice.


  1. Love everything you got!!
    Can't wait for mine to arrive !