Monday, May 16, 2016

Battle Of The Balms

Battle Of The Balms: Squeezy Tubes

I had the idea for a new short series of posts where I would compare lip balms that come in similar forms and tell you which one I like best. I decided to start with squeezy tube balms because I have three that I want to compare which seems like a good amount and I had tried them all out enough to know the pros and cons of each one.

The three balms I'll be comparing today are the Cath Kidston Rose Lip Balm (the closest I could find online was this for $10.00 USD, this exact lip balm was a gift that my aunt bought for me in Paris so it may only be available overseas), the Beauty Treats Lip Care Rosehip lip balm ($1.00 USD from ShopMissA), and the Pur-Lisse Daily Lip Nourisher ($16.00 USD from Pur-Lisse's website).

First up is the Cath Kidston Rose Lip Balm.
-Very moisturizing
-If you like the smell of roses, you will like this a lot
-Small size makes it easy to fit in your purse, pocket, etc.
-If you don't like the smell of roses, you will absolutely not like this
-Smaller size means you are paying more than you pay for, say, the Beauty Treat lip balm and getting less product
-Seems to be hard to get in the U.S.

Second is the Beauty Treats Rosehip lip balm.
-Very moisturizing
-Light but not overpowering sweet scent
-The least expensive of the three, and you get the most product
-Easy to get in the U.S.
-Comes in other scents/flavors
-Larger size makes it slightly less portable
-Some may not like the scent, although it is much lighter than the scent of the Cath Kidston balm.

Lastly is the Pur-Lisse lip balm.
-Pretty moisturizing
-Scent is very light
-Small enough to still be quite conveniently portable
-Easy to get in the U.S.
-I think it has a slight taste and I don't like it
-It's quite thin so while it is moisturizing, it doesn't stay moisturizing for long

Overall, I prefer the Beauty Treats Rosehip lip balm. It's not as easy to fit in a pocket or purse as the other two but I don't tend to use squeezy tube balms on the go anyways, so that's not a concern for me. It's just as moisturizing as the Cath Kidston balm, but without the rose scent that I personally find overpowering and $9.00 cheaper, plus way easier for me to get my hands on as I live in the United States. The Pur-Lisse balm is nice but I can't see myself spending $16.00 on something I don't like the texture of in the future (I got the one I have now in a Boxycharm). If you read the pros and cons of all three of these lip balms and think that one of the other ones would be better for you than the Beauty Treats one, then by all means - try that one instead. I just like this one more because of my personal preferences and needs.

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