Monday, May 9, 2016

Peel-Off Lip Tattoo

Peel-Off Lip Tattoo First Impression

I've been hearing a lot about these peel-off "lip tattoos" so of course when I saw some on ShopMissA for a dollar each I had to try one out. They only had a couple of colors left in stock, so I ended up choosing the shade Kiss Orange.

The instructions say to apply the product to your lips then wait 5-6 minutes before peeling it off. I've heard bad things about some of these lip tattoos, like that they make your tongue feel numb if you get it in your mouth, so I was a bit worried, but the worst part was the smell, which wasn't the worst. It smelled exactly like when you dye eggs on Easter, but not as strong. It had a slightly unpleasant taste but I managed to not get much in my mouth.

It looks like a really pigmented gloss when you first put it on. It's really sticky and as it dries it's hard to move your mouth to talk.

Once I peeled it off, this is what it looked like. It almost made my lips look bloody, although I assume that's more of an issue with the shade than the product. The stain it leaves is pretty sheer and uneven. There are many variations of this product from different brands, so other ones would possibly give you better results, and I would say that overall this is a trend that's worth giving a try if it interests you. I probably won't be using this product on a regular basis but it's fun to play with and this one was only a dollar.


  1. Looks's quite nice and fun for the price !!

    1. Definitely! It's very much a novelty product rather than something for everyday but for a dollar it's not bad.