Sunday, May 22, 2016

Wet' n' Wild Haul

My First Ever Wet' n' Wild Only Haul + Ordering Experience

I want to start off this haul with a small bit of complaining about my experience with ordering off of Wet' n' Wild's website. Nothing went terribly wrong or even that badly at all, but it was more inconvenient than most online shopping usually goes so I wanted to mention it. The first time I clicked to place my order there was an error, so I clicked to place my order again and it never took my to the screen saying my order had been placed. I was just stuck with the page loading for a good 10-15 minutes. I finally decided to log out and try placing the order again because I assumed that since it hadn't said my order went through, my order must not have gone through. Luckily, before I placed the order again, I thought to check my past orders on my account, and my order had, in fact, gone through the second time I clicked the place order button. Luckily it didn't go through twice as orders will sometimes do when there's an error. After that, my order shipped within a couple of days and I received my package in a decent amount of time, but I did want to mention that the Wet' n' Wild website might have some bugs. Otherwise I have no complaints at all - my package arrived in a relatively timely manner (not super quickly or anything, but definitely within less than two weeks), shipping was free over $35 USD, and everything came in a box with tons of bubble wrap so nothing was damaged at all.

The first items I got were two of the spring collection polishes in the shades Love Fest (left) and Breeze On By (right). When I compared them side by side, Breeze On By looked almost identical to Essie's Bikini So Teeny, so if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to that particular color, maybe try to get Breeze On By before Wet' n' Wild's spring collection for 2016 is gone. I actually prefer this formula to the Essie formula because they last the same amount of time on my nails except these are about $6 cheaper.

You can actually find I believe all of the new Wet' n' Wild brushes at Dollar Tree right now, but because this one was only 99 cents on their website, I decided to get it there rather than hunting for it at the dollar store. I don't have any liner brushes like this, only angled ones, so I thought that this one would be nice to try out.

These new metallic liquid lipsticks are part of the 2016 summer collection and I got the shades Peony Express (left) and Chrysanthemum's The Word (right). I may not be a huge fan of liquid lipsticks, but I am a fan of things that seem unique and the brand Wet' n' Wild, so if you combine those two things I will overlook that I don't exactly like the one thing. I've also heard that these lippies aren't the really uncomfortable and drying type either.

I saw swatches of the MegaGlo Multi-Stick in Marigold Round and I had to get it. It's a gorgeous champagne highlight shade that I think will be perfect for my skin color and tone. I've been really into cream highlights lately and I'm hoping that this will be the perfect one, as I have yet to find that and this seems very promising. The packaging is lovely as well.

Continuing with highlights, this one was on sale because it's being discontinued so I decided to get it. It's in the shade 345 Catwalk Pink. I believe that they've more recently come out with an updated version of this product, but I don't mind having an older packaging and formula if it's less expensive and still works. From the swatches I've done of it, I really like it.

Everyone likes the other contour palette because it has a yellow setting powder, but I can never use those because they're always too dark for me, so I went for this one. I think it has a better contour shade for me anyways. Somebody with deeper skin could probably work with the other one a lot better than I could, but I don't think it would work for me.

I'm constantly paranoid about running out of translucent powder, so even though I have like three right now, I got another one. Two of the three I have and am using are nowhere near running out, but I still felt the need to buy another. Why? Because I have a problem. But it doesn't hurt anybody and it makes me happy so that problem will probably continue for the rest of my life but that's okay because it's just translucent face powder.

I forget why I got the trio in Sweet As Candy, but I can tell you exactly why I got the trio in The New Romantics - it reminds me of one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, New Romantics, and that means I must have it, even if I will probably never use it. The colors are very pretty so I can see myself using it a little bit but they're also quite shimmery and that's not quite my thing.

My final (and possibly most exciting) purchase is the 10-pan palette in Coming In Latte. I thought that the shades were nice and some people have said the quality is pretty good for the price so I figured why not get it. I can always use another palette!

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