Friday, January 22, 2016

Walmart Haul

A Walmart Makeup Haul

I went to Walmart for a candle and decided to check out the makeup. I had a few makeup coupons, including of for $2.00 off any Maybelline face product, but all of the things I wanted were sold out and they were out of my shade in all of their foundations. I did get a dollar off my face wash and fifty cents off of a "premium" chapstick - I'll show the one I got near the end of the haul.

The first thing I got was a backup of my face wash, since I'm running out and I had a coupon. It was $6.97 USD without the coupon. It works super well on me and really does start to get rid of acne within 12 hours of use. I use this (and moisturizer!) regularly and I almost never get noticeable acne.

I got this E.L.F. Studio Powder brush for $3.00 USD because the one I was using recently fell apart and sheds all over my face now. It's a great brush for applying liquid foundation.

I've heard mixed reviews on this eyeliner and I wanted to try it out, so after I saw that it's only $2.00 USD, I decided to get it. I usually use gel eyeliner but I want to master liquid as well.

I have wanted to try out the Maybelline Color Tattoos for a really long time now, and at Walmart they're only $5.94 USD, so I got the one in Tough As Taupe. I wanted a color that would work under lots of different eye looks since I plan to use it as an eyeshadow base.

Next I got the Wet' n' Wild Color Icon 5 Eyeshadow palette in Tunnel Vision. It seemed like I would use this one more than any of the other ones and I've been wanting to try out more Wet' n' Wild shadows. This was $3.93 USD.

I've never tried out the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks, and I wanted to, so I got the shade 33 to test out. It was $4.97, which isn't a bad price. I think this is a color that I will wear often.

I have been dying to try the Revlon Lip Butters for so long, so when I saw that they were only $5.97, I got one in the color 027 Juicy Papaya. It seems like a color that when sheered out would be a subtle pop of color.

These two Lip Smackers sets were on sale for about $2.00 USD each, so I picked them up. I've been loving my Starburst Lip Smackers lately and I wanted to have more flavors.

I got my first regular Baby Lips! I have five of the Electro ones, but I've never even tried a normal one and I really wanted to. They're $2.98 at my Walmart, which is about a dollar cheaper than everywhere else I've seen them, so I got the one in Quenched since it's colorless so I can wear it whenever.

I was gifted two Blamtastic Skins lip balms for Christmas and I love them so much that I've already used one up, so I got another one in a flavor I hadn't tried. There was a grape one somewhere but the price wasn't listed, although I assume it would be the same. I can't find the price on my receipt since a few things just say "lip balm" so I don't know which one it is.

Lastly, I got this lip balm because I've wanted to try it and I  had a coupon for fifty cents off, which is actually a lot for a ChapStick. I love normal ChapSticks so I assume this will be even better.

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