Friday, January 15, 2016

Makeup Collection: Face

Makeup Collection 2016: Face Products

I have too much makeup, and I know that. However, face products are something I use a lot of, and I don't think the amount I have is so excessive that the majority of it will go bad before I use it up. I wanted to share my makeup collection because I enjoy this kind of post and thought other people would too. So I'm starting with my face products!

These are the foundations I use the most - Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless and L'oreal True Match Super Blendable. They aren't technically my favorites, but the one that I think would be my favorite if I wore it more seems to oxidize, so I don't use it often. Neither of these ones oxidize, and they both match me very well.

I have two shades of this foundation, one for when I'm not tan and one to mix with it to get the right shade when I am tan. This is a decent foundation, although I don't wear it super often.

The Dr. Hauschka foundation is far too yellow for me, and the Dream Wonder foundation seems fantastic in every way except for the fact that I think it oxidizes on me. I've only noticed that once, so I'm not entirely sure if it was oxidizing or bad blending, but I haven't had the chance to figure it out yet.

These are all of my concealers, and three of them are too dark to use the way I would usually use a concealer, which is to highlight. The first three do work for me as a normal spot concealer, but only the last one from NYX can highlight, and even then it's almost not light enough.

These are all of my powders. I need to get rid of the Sephora one because it's too old, but the other three are all pretty new. In fact, I haven't even tried out the NYX one yet because I just got it. The NYC one is perfect for me - it's just the right shade, it doesn't look cakey, and it does it's job. The Covergirl one is a tiny bit dark, but I can easily use it if I blend it out enough.

These are some of my blushes. I really only ever use the one on the right, and I've been using the same one for at least a year without even hitting pan. It's in the shade Natural, and it's great. I'm super pale but it still looks good and it's hard to over do it.

Here are my Ms. Chick blushes from Kleancolor. They are super pigmented, to the point where they're almost too pigmented for a blush. You literally just need to barely tap your brush in them and you'll have enough for one cheek.

I currently only have two primers. The Baby Skin one is great, but I have yet to truly try out the Wet' n' Wild one.

These are some random things for the face - my setting spray from Hard Candy, my NYX contour and highlight stick, and a random blush. I use the setting spray almost every time I wear makeup for more than a few hours.

The last thing in my face drawer is my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette. It's a pretty great thing, although I don't contour very often.

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