Monday, January 11, 2016

Products I Want to Use Up

Products I Want To Use Up In 2016

Since my project pans are failing miserably, I decided that I want to do something similar, but a bit easier and less rigid. So when I found this project on YouTube, it seemed perfect. Instead of choosing specific products, I'm choosing a category and the amount of products I want to use up in that category. I plan to update you on my progress at the end of every month.

Five Lip Balms

I want to totally use up five lip balms this year. I have way too many and they're pretty easy to use up, so this shouldn't be difficult at all.

One Full Size Lipstick

This will probably be the most challenging goal. I like to use lots of different lipsticks, so using one up almost never happens. I want to start with just one, but I will probably try to use up more.

Two Foundations

Although I'll probably use up more, I don't want to overestimate what I can use up. This can include foundations that are halfway full or more.

One Bodyspray

This isn't very ambitious, but I need to get in the habit of wearing bodyspray every day if I want to do this. I don't wear it very often, but I want to use it much more.

Two Powders

I use up powders pretty quickly, so this shouldn't be hard. I want to find the perfect powder, but I want to use them up at the same rate I buy them if at all possible.

Six Eyeliners

For this one, I can use any form of eyeliner, and I can include liners that I've already used almost all the way because liners seem to take me forever. I also can use them as eyeshadow bases if I want.

Three Body Butters

I have too many body butters and lotions, so I want to use a few up. I do have an order of more coming in soon, but after that I'll try to avoid buying them if I can remember not to. I like to feel moisturized, and I like to smell good, so this shouldn't be difficult at all.

One Nail Polish

I don't really use nail polish all that often, but when I do, I'm going to try and always use the same one so I can start to slim down my collection. I have way too much nail polish for somebody who rarely paints their nails, or really for anybody.

Two Shower Gels

I have way too many bath and shower gels for anybody to have at once, so I want to use up at least two. This includes body washes as well. This is going to be really simple, but I find it best to start small and then do better than I expected to do so I don't get overwhelmed.

One Lip Butter

I actually have a specific product in mind for this one - my Nivea lip butter in caramel cream kiss. I use it every night before bed but there's still quite a bit left so it might take a bit.

One Lip Scrub

I have some homemade lip scrubs as well as a store bought one, and I think I'll focus in the one I bought first. It's super great for exfoliating your lips and leaving them super smooth and ready for lipstick.

Ten Eyeshadows

I want to at least hit pan on ten eyeshadows, but if I can use them up then that will be even better. My goal is just to hit pan, though. I'll probably focus on more neutral, everyday colors so that this goes faster.

Two Lip Glosses

Lip glosses go faster than lipsticks for me, so I don't think two is a bad goal. I'll probably choose two that both go with whatever lipstick I choose to use up.

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