Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Favorites

January Favorites 2016

January has seemed to really fly by, and I wore makeup more than I did in December, but I think I have fewer favorites because I just wasn't absolutely loving very much. One thing I didn't get a picture of because it was downstairs and I'm too lazy to get up is my new MAC lipstick in Brave. I wore it more than any other lipstick this month even though I didn't get it until about halfway through, since I think it looks really nice on me. One thing I'm not a fan of is the vanilla scent, since I'm not a big vanilla fan. I can see how other people would love it, though.

My first pictured favorite is this candle. It makes the whole room smell absolutely lovely and it claims to last 50-60 hours, so it'll last me a long time. The smell isn't overpowering, but it isn't too light either. It smells just like cranberries and some people might consider that a Christmas scent but I never really care if a scent is a seasonal one or not - if I like it, I'm going to like it year round.

I got a set of Body Shop body butter minis for Christmas, and I've finished one and I'm nearly done this one. I probably only have one or two more uses left of this one because I've been loving using it all month. It's just a shea butter body butter, so it doesn't have much of a scent, but it's super moisturizing and the light scent it does have is very pleasant. I mostly use this on my arms after I shower so they get super moisturized.

Another thing I've been loving is this deluxe size sample of the Origins GinZing eye cream. I got it as a 100-point perk from Sephora because I wanted an eye cream for my dry undereyes but I didn't want to invest in one without trying it out first. So far, I love this one! Not only does it makes my undereyes less dry and puffy, it also seems to be lightening my dark circles, which I never thought an eye cream could actually do. I've always had pretty dark circles under my eyes and nothing seemed to fix them, but this really does. It has to be this eye cream doing it because I haven't changed my skincare routine otherwise and I haven't been getting any more sleep than usual.

This month I've been using this LA Colors Color Craze polish in Ballet Slipper a ton. I have to paint my nails two or three times a week on average, and this is the color I've been gravitating towards most of the time. I did a whole review on this line of polishes here if you want to know more about them.

This is the Physician's Formula Happy Booster blush in Natural. It's my go-to blush because it's just pigmented enough that it's easy to see, but not so pigmented that you can go overboard easily. It's lasted me over a year and I'm still nowhere near hitting pan. I use this pretty much every single day.

This Beauty Treats Almond Creme lip scrub was only a dollar on ShopMissA, and oh my gosh, it's fantastic. The thing that does the actual exfoliating is finely ground up walnut shells, which are really effective. I use this daily, which is necessary for me because I wear a lot of lip balm.

My last favorite of the month is the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough As Taupe. I use this as a base under eyeshadow and it helps it last all day with no creasing. I've found that this actually looks really cool underneath gold shadows.

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