Sunday, January 24, 2016

Makeup Eraser Review

Makeup Eraser Makeup Remover Towel Review

I got The Original Makeup Eraser for Christmas, and I was super excited about it. I had asked for it because I wanted to try it out but couldn't justify spending $20.00 USD on what could easily be a glorified washcloth. It is not that. It's freaking amazing! If anybody wants a comparison of this to a normal washcloth, please leave a comment letting me know.

My Makeup Eraser is a bit stained since it's been a while since I've machine washed it, but I do hand wash it when the whole thing gets dirty. I find I can get two or three uses out of each side before I have to wash it, so that's 4-6 uses between washes. On me, it's better at removing eye makeup than just a makeup wipe, and I find it doesn't take as long. Like a makeup wipe, you do still have to wash your face after using it, but it really does get the majority of the makeup off your face. It's super gentle compared to a normal washcloth (or at least the ones I own), and it has a normal side and an exfoliating side. I just use both sides normally since it's hard to tell the difference, though. Unlike a normal washcloth, all you need is warm water and it removes makeup super well. It claims to remove waterproof makeup, and I have found that to be true. I have found that the warmer the water you use, the easier the makeup comes off. Again, you still absolutely need to wash your face using a face wash after you use this - it doesn't get deep into your pores the way a face wash does, so it can't get every bit of makeup off. But it does get off all visible traces of makeup, including waterproof, so I think that it's a good investment to make, especially if you use makeup wipes to take off your makeup every day. A pack of thirty makeup wipes is usually between five and eight dollars and lasts you maybe thirty days, whereas this cost $20.00 but can last you years.
These are the instructions on how to wash the Makeup Eraser. I have found that washing it just as you would normal clothes and then letting it air dry works perfectly fine, but if you want to be extra careful with it, then follow the directions. Overall, I think that this product is a great investment that would work on any skin type.

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