Thursday, January 14, 2016

Makeup Collection 2016

Makeup Collection Overview 2016

Since it's a new year, and I just got new organization for my makeup, I wanted to share my makeup collection. This is just an overview - I'll go through each drawer in detail in separate posts. I am in no way trying to brag about how much makeup I have. I simply enjoy these kinds of posts and thought that maybe others would too. I know I have too much makeup, but this is my hobby, and all of the makeup I own has either been given to me by a friend or family member or been purchased by me with my own money. 

Starting with my Alex 9 drawer unit, on top I keep a candle holder and a candle, my brushes, my makeup sponges, and a little owl container with lotion inside. Hiding behind the candle holder I have a vase from IKEA with some flowers that are also from IKEA. The drawers themselves, the plant pots holding my brushes, the candle holder, and the candle are also all from IKEA. I did have my body sprays and perfumes up here too, but I decided that was a fire risk with the candle, so I put them in a drawer instead.

On the side of my desk next to my drawers is where I do my makeup. I forgot to include in the picture the Christmas themed tin where I keep a lot of my lip balms. Here, I have a mirror from IKEA with some products in it as well as a light (not sure where it or the desk are from) and some products I use regularly. In the pump bottle that says "Body & Soul" I have some Nivea body lotion, which I actually use for my face as a moisturizer. Then I have an eye cream sample I'm trying out, a lip balm, a tanning lotion I'm testing, some cleansing water, and some lotion. Behind the mirror I have some Halloween makeup I need to find a place for. The space in front of the mirror and products is where I take pictures of things to post here, on my blog.

This is the first drawer, which is where I keep face products like foundations, powders, and primers. I also have blushes and contouring things and concealers. I won't go through all the products now, but a post about them will be coming up soon.

The next drawer down is my eye drawer. This is where I keep everything eye related that isn't a palette or brushes. I've got some single shadows, some mascara, and far too much eyeliner, as well as lashes. I don't always use lashes, but when I do, I like to have a good selection, so I'm working on building up my lash collection.

Next is my favorite drawer - the lip drawer. It's totally overflowing, so I need to do a declutter again soon, but until then it looks like this - a total mess. My most used lipsticks are in the lipstick holder, but everything else I have to dig around for. The loose ones in the back are things I don't wear often that I use to mix together and create custom colors. On the side I have lip balms that I can't fit elsewhere, a lip scrub, and a lipstick remover.

My palette drawer is the next one down. It's where I store all of my palettes, which I have just the right amount of to be able to see all of them at once. My favorite has to be either the Chocolate Bar palette or the Naked Smoky.

After that I have a drawer of samples and things I want to try out, as well as a couple of backups. I don't tend to buy backups of products, but there are a few products I love enough to get backups of, and those live here.

Moving on to the bigger drawers, the first one is where I keep makeup wipes and face masks, along with some tissues and sponges that I didn't really have a place for. I have a lot of makeup wipes, but I go through them pretty fast, so it's good that I have so many.

Next up if my body care drawer. I keep lotions, extra body washes and shower gels, body sprays, and perfumes in here. I want to declutter it, but I actually like everything I have in here, so that would be really difficult to do.

Lastly, I have my nail drawer. There's one more drawer, but I haven't filled it yet. This is pretty disorganized, but I rarely do my nails, so it's low on my list of priorities to sort it out. On the side I have a ton of nail stickers and appliques, which I find easier to use than nail polish, but they come off in the shower, so I don't tend to use them.

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