Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Makeup Collection: Lips 1

Makeup Collection 2016: Lip Balms

I have far, far too much lip balm. Although I do use up lip balms pretty regularly, this is still too much. But I love lip balms, so I end up accumulating it. Here it all is.

This lip balm makes me angry. The only reason I still have it is to remind me that I hate it so I can tell people about how bad it is. Why? It has major hype as a great lip balm, which would be fine by me if it didn't contain salicylic acid. Although a few other lip balms I have probably contain that (or alcohol, which can do the same thing), this one makes me angry because it's so hyped. Salicylic acid can majorly dry out your lips. It being drying is what makes it a good acne treatment, but pimples and lips are not the same and lips never need to be dried out. If this weren't so hyped I wouldn't mind as much, although it also claims to sooth, heal, and protect lips, which may be true if you use it a couple of times, but if you use it regularly then it will dry out your lips. I'll be tossing this next time I declutter.

I got these in a pack together for a dollar, which is why it surprised me when they were better than the Carmex that was also a dollar.  It turns out that in addition to not having salicylic acid in them, they also have aloe in them, which is both soothing and healing. My favorite is the blue raspberry.

Not only do these LA Colors tinted lip balms leave a nice tint, they also contain coconut oil, which is really moisturizing. I love them for both moisturizing and for a light wash of color when I don't feel like lipstick but I still want something on my lips.

Electro Baby Lips are great. The orange one is my favorite, so I have two. The pink and orange leave a nice light tint, while the green and yellow are totally sheer. They smell nice and moisturize well, too.

I got these three lip balms because they're so stinkin' cute! Look at the little smiley faces! They aren't great for moisturizing, but they're too cute to not keep.

These are my Wet' n' Wild Natural Blend tinted lip balms. They actually give quite a bit of color, especially the darker two. Their lasting power isn't great, but they're much more moisturizing than a lipstick, so I can overlook that.

These are the Blamtastic Skins lip balms I got for Christmas. I plan to get more when these are done because I love them! They're fantastic, very moisturizing and they smell great too. I can't really put a finger on the exact scent, but it's a light sweetish scent.

I've got two Rimmel Keep Calm lip balms. I gave these a bad review in the past, but since I was gifted a couple more, I want to give them a second chance.

These are my Burt's Bees lip balms. I love them, but I only have three because there are some that I like better and cost less. I would highly recommend all of the Burt's Bees lip balms, though, since there have been others I've tried in the past.

The first lip balm her is from Forever 21's makeup line. I have yet to use it enough to know how I like it. The middle one is from NYC, and it's okay. The last one is a sample from Bare Minerals, which I have yet to try, but I have swatched it and it's super pigmented. Even more pigmented than a normal lipstick, and it's called a balm.

The first two lip balms here came from a little set I got at Ulta around Christmas. They smell lovely. The third is from the dollar store, and it also smells great. I want to use these ones more.

These are three random lip balms from various places. I've done a review of the Yu-Be one, and although I liked it back then, I don't anymore because the rosemary scent started to bug me. I previously called the one on the right my holy grail lip balm, but since then I've found better ones. The one on the left is alright, not the best but definitely not bad.

These two lip balms are from Claire's. They smell good but otherwise they're not great. I wouldn't buy them at the price I got them for - about four bucks each.

Last but not least, I have two Starburst lip balms and a Jolly Rancher one. I have a third Starburst one but it's in my bag. The Starburst ones are pretty good, but I've only used the Jolly Rancher one a few times and can't say what I think quite yet.

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