Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Favorite Nail Polish

My Favorite Nail Polish (Review)

My absolute favorite nail polishes are the LA Colors Color Craze nail polishes. They last about two or three days on my nails without noticeable chipping, which is actually really good for me because I'm lucky if nail polish lasts one day on my nails. My favorite colors are (from left to right) So Famous, Ballet Slipper, and Desert Dune. So Famous takes two or three coats to be opaque, Ballet Slipper takes four, and Desert Dune takes one or two. I'm currently trying to use up Ballet Slipper in attempt to slim down my nail polish collection, but I think I'll probably repurchase it when I run out because I absolutely love it. I always use a base coat and a top coat with every polish I use to protect my nails from getting stained and to make them last longer, and I've found that without either of those, these polishes don't last very well. With a top and base coat, however, they last longer than most polishes do on me. They take a while to dry since they aren't fast drying, but they don't take any longer than the majority of other normal polishes. I have found that the lighter colors take a ton of coats to show up opaque and without streaks (four or more coats) but darker colors only take three maximum, which isn't too bad, especially since I tend to paint on very thin coats. They have a thicker consistency, so if you prefer thinner formulas then these probably aren't for you. The best part about these polishes is that they only cost a dollar! They may not be as good as an Essie nail polish, but you can buy eight of these for the price of one of the Essie ones, so I think it's totally worth it.

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