Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jewelry Haul

ShopMissA Jewelry Haul

I recently made another purchase off of ShopMissA, this time mostly jewelry. It took about a week to arrive, and I expect it would have taken less time if there hadn't been a holiday that delayed shipping. I also got a bit of makeup, which I'll include at the beginning of the haul.

First off, the makeup! I didn't get much, since this order was mostly jewelry, but I couldn't resist how cute the lip balm and lipstick were! I got the eyelashes because they were a good deal, and I got the lip scrub because my lips get chapped a lot and I wanted to try exfoliating them more often.

Next I got a bunch of eyeshadow brushes because I really don't have enough. I know I love the e.l.f ones, and I wanted to try out the one from Kleancolor.

After that I got some nail glue and some glue-on nail studs. I wanted the studs for my Halloween costume (I'm going as my Dungeons and Dragons character), and I didn't have any nail glue, so I figured that for a dollar each, I couldn't really go wrong.

I also got some hair things for my Halloween costume. I'll be wearing a wig, and it doesn't look the best, so I'm hoping that these will make it look a bit nicer.

For the first jewelry items, I got a bunch of rings. I had another owl ring, but I gave it to a family member as a gift. These are almost all for my Halloween costume, but they'll all look nice for everyday wear as well.

Next up are these rings and the bracelet. I thought it was unique because the bracelet attaches to a ring, and it looked really pretty, so I decided to get it.

After that are these leather (well, fake leather) bracelets. One of them says "Aries" and has a picture of a ram - the animal that represents Aries - that I got because I'm an Aries and it looked pretty.

Next I got an arm cuff and a set of silver bangles. These are also for my Halloween costume. I got as much in silver as I could because I think I look better in silver than gold, but some of the jewelry only came in gold, so I had to settle for it.

As for necklaces, I got these two. The mustache one is for everyday wear, and the other one is for my Halloween costume. Both of them only came in gold, so that's why I couldn't get silver.

The item of jewelry I'm most excited about is this one - it's a body chain. I anybody is interested in seeing how it works, I'll be posting pictures of my Halloween costume soon, and this will be part of it.

The last items of jewelry I got were these ear cuffs. I love wearing ear cuffs, and I also wanted some for my Halloween costume, so I got all of these. The one in the middle is my favorite.

Lastly, I got these cute sticky notes! I saw these and thought that they were too cute to not get. I also got some temporary tattoos for my Halloween costume and a belt for it, but I won't be showing them in this haul. I may show them in a different post, if anybody expresses interest.

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