Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Leopard

Quick Halloween Idea: Leopard Print

For my third Halloween tutorial, I wanted to do something super easy that could be done with makeup that most people would already have or be able to get easily. I did this on the back of my hand, but you could do it on your face and neck and pair it with my cat tutorial for a great leopard costume. It only takes a few minutes and it comes of easily.

Start with a brown base. I used the sixth shade from the left in the Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes palette.

Using a brown eyeliner, draw on some spots. Make them random but still somewhat circular or ovular. You could just leave it here, or do the next step.

Outline the spots with a black eyeliner. A matte black is preferable, because as you can see the shimmer doesn't look too good. You can also leave this step out and still have it look perfectly fine.

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