Sunday, October 18, 2015

Haul Time Again!

Rite Aid and Dollar Tree Haul

I've been doing a lot of shopping lately, and this is probably the last of it, but I got some beauty related items I wanted to share. I went to Rite Aid and Dollar Tree this time.

The first thing I got was this Halloween makeup kit. I needed some stuff to paint on fake scars with, and this looks like it could work. It's usually $9.99, but I got it half off.

Next I got the full size of this face mask that I had tried once before in the single use size and loved. It really helps me get rid of breakouts, so I figured it was a good purchase.

I also picked up these two NYC nail polishes that were on sale for 99 cents each. I probably won't wear them super often, but for less than a dollar, you really can't go wrong.

After that I got this pretty Wet' n' Wild nail polish. I have gold glitter polishes, but no solid gold polishes, and I decided that I wanted one.

The last thing I got from Rite Aid was this NYC lip balm. It has a little apple shape in the middle which I thought was cute, and I'm always willing to try new lip balm!

My Dollar Tree has started carrying Baby Lips Electro! These are the three colors they had left when I got to them. I already have the orange one but it's my favorite so I decided to get a backup.

Lastly, I got one more pack of Essie sleek sticks. I've been loving these lately and these ones looked cute so I got them.

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