Saturday, February 6, 2016

Nail Polish Declutter

The First Nail Polish Declutter 2016

I was looking at my makeup and nail polish and realized that while I do use a lot of it, there's still plenty I don't use that I could give to someone who would use it more or throw out because it's old. Most of the things I decluttered fall into the "throw out" category, including all of the nail polishes. I've been painting my nails more often, but there's still no need for most of the nail polishes I have, so I decided to toss every single polish that was too old for me to feel comfortable using. Although this leaves me with absolutely no red nail polish, I can easily get more and I honestly rarely ever wear red nails. I decide to post here what I decluttered, and a part two with makeup is coming soon.

Not only were all of these super old, I also never wear pearly or sparkley whites, or pearly or sparkley colors in general, so it was time for them to go.

I never really wear bright pinks either, so I had no problem getting rid of those. These are also all super old.

The rainbow nail polishes were a cute idea, but they never worked on me, so I was generally pretty angry at any rainbow polishes I saw as a kid because if something doesn't work for me then it shouldn't exist because I am the center of the universe, apparently. I also never wear sparkles on my nails so those had to go. Not to mention that some of these are over five years old.

Does anybody else remember the Crackle nail polish? Because I do, and I wish it was still around. If the one you got worked, it looked SO COOL! If you aren't familiar with them, you would put a coat of the Crackle polish over your normal polish and it would create a cool cracked effect. Sometimes they wouldn't work, though, and they only worked if you put them over nail polish and not over your bare nail which used to really tick me off because I was impatient and didn't want to wait for the normal polish AND the Crackle polish to dry.

Man, nail art pens were so cool back when I was, like, ten. They're still pretty cool but I had less patience back then and these seemed to dry fasted than normal polish so I loved them. I was also super new to nail art and the idea of something that made it easier for beginners was fantastic to me.

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