Friday, February 5, 2016

All Matte Eye Look

All Matte Eye Look + Lip Option

I don't know if I've done an all-matte eye look on my blog yet, so I wanted to make sure I had at least one! I love a shimmery shade all over the lid, but mattes are really nice sometimes. I only used one palette for this look - the Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes palette. It has lots of really pretty mattes in it so that's what I chose to use.

I used the 5th shade from the left as a transition shade. It's dark enough that you can see it but light enough that it works as a transition shade on my skin color.

Next I used the 8th shade from the left in my crease and blended it into the transition shade. I'll keep adding small amounts of this shade as I blend other colors into it so it doesn't disappear.

Since I'm going to be using lighter colors on my lid, I wanted to put a white cream base down first. This way the light colors will show up better.

I used the 12th shade from the left (the rightmost shade) all over my lid and blended it into the crease shade as well.

Next I put the 9th shade from the left in my outer v and blended it out really well. I also blended it onto the outer half of my lid.

After that I took my brush, sprayed it with setting spray, and used it to apply the 11th shade from the left on my lower lashline. It doesn't show up as well unless you wet your brush, but if you do it looks much more intense.

The last shadow step is to use the 1st shade on the left as an inner corner and browbone highlight. I would usually use a shimmery shade for this because I prefer how it looks, but a matte shade works for a more subtle effect.

Add liner and mascara and you're done!

I paired this eye look with the Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Pepper. This look is more on the cool-toned side and this lipstick isn't too warm so I thought they looked good together.

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