Friday, February 26, 2016

Lip Product Addict Tag

Lip Product Addict Tag

As you may know if you read my blog regularly, I am absolutely addicted to lip products. Nobody tagged me to do this but I wanted to do it so I am.

Favorite balm/treatment?

I apply the Nivea lip butter every night before bed so I wake up with soft, smooth lips. I also have Raspberry Rose Kiss, but I'm currently trying to use up this one. It's super moisturizing and it smells great too!

Best eye-catching red?

I love the Tarte LipSurgence Power Pigment In Flush when I'm going for a red. It's more of a berry red, and it's really pigmented. It lasts a long time on the lips but it's super creamy and comfortable.

Best luxury and drugstore lipstick?

MAC's Brave and NYX's Extra Creamy Round lipstick in Castle. Brave only needs to be reapplied once or twice throughout the day whereas Castle has to be reapplied more frequently, about every 2-3 hours. Both of the colors are gorgeous, and they're both really comfortable formulas. I think that Brave is definitely worth the splurge but if you're on a budget you should try Castle out if you want a fun color.

Best MAC lipstick?

The only MAC lipstick I currently own is Brave. I do have two more on the way, but they're in colors I probably won't wear as often, so I think that this one will remain my favorite. It's a really pretty color with a satin finish. I've already worn this one so much that the lipstick is starting to wear down to my lip shape.

Most disappointing lip product?

I wanted to like these Rimmel Keep Calm lip balms so bad because of how cute and inexpensive they are, but I just can't. They're greasy but not moisturizing at all.

Lipliner - yes or no?

Most of the time, no. I do own a few, though. These Kleancolor ones are actually really good, and only a dollar from ShopMissA. I don't find that lipliners tend to do much unless I'm wearing a lipstick that bleeds a lot, in which case I will wear a lipliner, but most of mine don't do that.

Best lip gloss?

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Margaret! It's a gorgeous brown nude with little gold shimmers, and I absolutely love it. I rarely wear gloss but when i do it's almost always this. A family member got it for me because it has the same name as me and they thought that was cute, and now it's my favorite gloss ever. The formula is so great, and it's a plumping gloss, but it makes my lips tingle without burning. I don't notice much plumping but I already have pretty full lips anyways so I don't mind.

Something extra!

Nobody ever seems to talk about how great Lip Smackers are. They're actually quite moisturizing, and they go on really smoothly. They have a nice soft texture and they come in so many yummy scents that there's one for everyone. At $2.50 USD each (or 6 for $12 or 12 for $20 on their website) they're not that expensive and they're surprisingly high quality for what many would consider "play" or kid's makeup. The one's in this picture even have SPF, although I haven't tried them out yet.

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