Saturday, February 6, 2016

Makeup Declutter

The First Makeup Declutter Of 2016

I just posted a nail polish declutter, and I wanted to post the results of my makeup declutter as well. I think I did pretty well considering the amount I previously had, and I'm happy with what I decluttered. Most of this is lip products, but there's a few other things as well. I know I still have way too much, especially of lip balm, but I do use most of what I have left and what I don't use I will probably declutter next time.

This just doesn't look good on my skin in the winter, and I have things that work on me in the summer that I like better, so I'm getting rid of this. It's also starting to get near a year old, which means it wouldn't be sanitary anymore. I'll try to find a friend who can use it before it gets old, but if I can't find anyone who wants it, then I'll toss it.

It's painful to toss these eyeliners because I loved them so much, but I honestly just don't use them, and they're way too old to use even if I ever ended up wanting to. These are colorful eyeliners that I used to use a lot, but now I tend to use brightly colored shadows as liner if I want a colors liner, so I don't reach for these. They're getting old, so I'm tossing them.

This quad was only a dollar and I've literally never used it so I'm getting rid of it. Since I think it smells off (despite the fact that I only got it a few months ago) I'm throwing it away.

I got these Milani liners at the Dollar Tree, and oh my God, they stain so bad. I never use them because I hate how bright the stains they leave are and if I use them I have a blue or green line on my eye for two days. I'll give my friends a chance to take them if they want, but otherwise these will go to the trash.

I never use this blush, and it was only a dollar so I can easily replace it if I start to miss it. I doubt I will though, because it's not very good. I'm tossing it because I doubt anyone would want it.

I haven't use this mascara in a while, which is probably for the best because when I looked at it I realized it's nearly a year old. I used to use it on my brows when I had purple hair, but I don't anymore so I have no use for it. Since it's unsanitary to share mascara, I'll be tossing it.

These liners are so old it's embarrassing. They need to be thrown away.

I got all of these at Dollar Tree and all of them smelled off as soon as I got them, so I'm finally tossing them. It's a shame because they're all super pretty, but it doesn't seem safe to use something that smells so bad.

I'm passing these glosses along to a friend because I never use them. They're just nice smelling clear glosses, but I almost never use gloss, so there really isn't a point in keeping them around anymore.

These lip stains are all really pretty, but I just never use them and I think a friend would get better use out of them, so they're leaving my collection. I've only used them a handful of times, and that was only to do a review of them, so I know I probably won't miss them.

I think these were discontinued a while ago, so they're definitely too old to keep or pass along to a friend. It's a shame, because the colors are pretty, but I have enough similar shades that it's not a huge loss.

These glosses are all old and I never use them so there's no point in trying to justify keeping them. They're going to the trash due to their age.

These glow-in-the-dark glosses are both super cool and super old, so they're being tossed. I think I wore one of them to a dance once and it was awesome, but most of the time I'm not wearing makeup in dark places, so there's not a huge point to having them anyways. It's a cool concept, though!

These lipsticks are all being thrown out because they're all mangled from me scraping bits off to mix with other lipsticks in a palette. I can't be bothered to use a lip brush and I doubt any of my friends would want them, so into the trash they go!

These lippies are all in the same situation as the last three. They're also not in colors I would really wear anyways, so I have no problem tossing them.

The first lipstick here is broken, and I have too many similar colors that I like the formulas of more to justify keeping it and using a lip brush. The second one never gets used, and the third one is all mangled for the same reason as the ones in the last two pictures.

I'll be tossing the first and last lip balms because the first one is all melted and gross and the last one is one that I hate with a passion. The two middle ones never get used but they're still good so they'll go to friends.

If anybody is upset that I'm throwing out products that are technically still useable, keep in mind that if I didn't throw them out, it's likely nobody would want them, and then they'd just end up going to waste in my drawer anyways. So it's not any bigger of a waste than it would be anyways, and this way I'm making space for new products that will actually get used. Also keep in mind that although this may still seem like I'm throwing away money, the money is already spent. If I kept the products and didn't use them, it would still be a waste of money, so at least this way I'm not keeping what I see as trash around in my drawers. All the salvageable makeup that I feel isn't too unsanitary will go to new homes (A.K.A my friend's makeup drawers) and be much more loved. Thanks for reading!

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