Saturday, February 6, 2016


The First Empties of 2016!

I've been saving up my empties since my last empties post, so I have quite a few. Not as many as last time, but enough that my empties bin was full. I have a bit of everything, although there isn't a lot of makeup that isn't lip balm, so if you like makeup empties, I'm afraid this won't be for you.

First up is this conditioner. I started using conditioner more because I found that it makes my hair a lot nicer looking and more manageable, although that does mean I have to wash my hair more because it's short and gets greasy much faster if I use conditioner. This was an average conditioner - not bad at all, but nothing special either. Since I like to switch up my hair color often, I'm no longer in the market for color-extending products. If I was, I probably wouldn't repurchase this for that because it didn't really make my color last more than a week or two longer.

I actually used this baby shampoo to wash my brushes, although half of it was wasted because I accidentally forgot to fully close it and it was at a downward angle in the drawer so it spilled. It worked really well to clean my makeup brushes in combination with coconut and olive oil. It's not super harsh so it won't strip your brushes too much but it still cleans them well.

I used up a third tube of Bath and Body Works Paris Amour Golden Sugar Scrub. I've been making my own sugar scrub lately so I won't be repurchasing it as I find the homemade stuff works just as well and is way cheaper. This does smell nice, but if I add a bit of essential oil to my homemade sugar scrub it can smell good too.

These nail appliques weren't very good. They lasted maybe a day or two before they peeled off. I got them at the Dollar Tree so it's not a big deal, but I can also get Essie nail appliques at the Dollar Tree for the same price and they're way better. I would not repurchase these.

I got a set of mini Body Shop body butters for Christmas and so far I've used up two. I didn't include the moringa scented one because it's in my shower right now, holding my homemade sugar scrub. I prefer this one over the other one because it's mostly unscented, and it's a lot thicker so it feels more moisturizing. This one is the shea butter one, and I would think about getting the full size when I run out of most of my body butters and lotions. The full size is $21.00 USD but I feel like it would be worth the money.

I finished a little tin of the Nivea Creme, and I loved it as a hand cream. I have thought about getting the full size and I probably will but I still have to get around to it. I do things involving working with wet hair a lot and the constant evaporation of the water off of my hands leaves them pretty dry, especially this time of year, so I would use this a few times a day and I definitely noticed a difference.

These were fantastic! I got them from ShopMissA for a dollar, and you get 32 of them. I only needed one to remove my polish off of both hands, so they lasted forever, and they're acetone free so they do less damage to your nails. I'm currently trying out the ones from L.A. Colors but I don't like those as much so I'm going to stock up on these next time I get the chance.

I got these makeup remover wipes from the dollar store to remove swatches, and they worked well for that. I would bring them with me to Ulta to remove swatches sometimes, and they didn't seem to dry out my hands at all which is great. I wouldn't use them on my face because you're getting 40 for a dollar so they're probably going to break you out, although I don't know that for sure. They were on the drier side but for the price they worked great and I would definitely repurchase.

There's technically one or two wipes left in here, but they're dried out so I'm not going to bother trying to use them. I have a review of them in my first-ever post, which was a favorites post, and you can find it here. It's the second item mentioned so it should be easy to find. I've had them since before I even made that post so it's not surprising that they dried out. I would repurchase them if I didn't have a Ross around where I could get cheaper wipes of similar quality, but I do have one around, so I probably won't be getting these again any time soon. They were really good, though, so I do recommend them.

Both of these samples seemed nice, but I want to try them out more before purchasing the full sizes. I have wanted the Banana Hand Milk for a while, though, so I can totally see myself buying the full size of that before I can see myself getting the moisturizer.

This "nose pack" was moisturizing, but it didn't seem to clear out my pores much, so I probably wouldn't repurchase it. The packaging is adorable, though, so if you collect things with cute packaging then I would say to get it. I may have used it wrong or something so if I got it as a gift I would try it again but I would not purchase it myself.

This face mask didn't seem to do anything, but at least it didn't break me out. It was only a dollar, which isn't bad, but I wouldn't buy it again since it didn't even seem to leave a bit of extra moisture the next day. I would go with a Freeman/Montagne-Jeunesse mask instead. The individual ones are a bit more expensive (between about $1.50 and $3.00, depending on where you get them) but they do moisturize pretty well and you can buy most of them in a tube as well to save money and get more uses.

These are some of the masks I would recommend over the previous one - they aren't sheet masks, but I think they're a lot better. I got two uses out of the coconut one, and I probably could have gotten three if I had used a bit less, so that's awesome. I liked them all and would purchase any of them in the full size if I could find it somewhere.

This was the brush I was using to apply my foundation for a while, but it started falling apart and shedding everywhere so I'm getting rid of it. I've already bought a new one, which I'm using for powder this time, and it's great for that too.

I used up this foundation pretty much entirely. I even scraped out what I could with a q-tip. I have two more of this, so I need to start using those up too. I used to really like this foundation but it seems to cling to my face in odd places now, especially dry patches or areas with light hair, like my upper lip if I haven't waxed it in a while (a bit TMI, but most ladies have hair there too, so I'm not embarrassed) or between my eyebrows and hairline. It also has a tendency to look a bit cakey, especially if I pair it with the Fit Me powder, which I've stopped using because it also makes things look cakey. I probably won't purchase this any more in the future.

There's a lot of controversy over EOS lately because some people have been experiencing allergic reactions, but I've never had a problem with them so I will continue to use them unless I suddenly have a bad reaction as well. I prefer this one (the medicated one) over the normal ones because I think it works better, but I don't dislike the normal ones either. I'm keeping the container so I can melt the last bits of my other favorite lip balms into it and make an even better lip balm.

This lip balm was all melted and gross, so I'm tossing it. It was an okay lip balm.

I used these both up since Christmas, so they're part of my Project Use It Up. They were really good and I would absolutely repurchase them.

The last things I used up were all lip balms. I loved all of them and plan to repurchase them in the future when I have less lip balms.

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