Friday, November 20, 2015

Project Ten Pan

Project Ten Pan: Lip Balms

I've been really enjoying other people's project pans lately, and I have far too many lip balms, so I decided to do my own project pan with my lip balms! The rules are that I can't buy any more lip balms until I use all of these ones up, and I've "hit pan" when I can no longer use the product without scraping it out. The only product I've used a noticeable amount of is the EOS, which I've used maybe a third of. I use lip balm every day and before I go to bed every night, so this shouldn't be too difficult. I'll do my best to do an update once a week.

My first product is a new favorite of mine, and it only costs a dollar! It's the BeautyTreats Bunny Balm. It's really moisturizing, so I like it a lot. If you want to try it, got to ShopMissA! This will probably be the first thing I use up.

This is my YuBe lip balm from Sephora. I used to really like it, but since then I've found better lip balms that are also cheaper, so I've stopped using it regularly. I want to be done with it.

I love the scent of this! It's a raspberry creme ChapStick. It's pretty moisturizing, and I keep it on me while I'm out and about to use as a daytime balm.

My fourth item is this L.A. Colors color balm. I included this because not only do I like it, it's tinted, so I can use it on days when I want red lips as well as whenever I feel like using it, so it'll be easier to use up.

Fifth is this Electro Baby Lips in Oh! Orange. It's also tinted, so I'll use it on days when I want an orange lip, as well as at home in the evening.

I really want to use up these three Starburst LipSmackers in watermelon, cherry, and strawberry. I got them together in a pack on sale at WalMart because I thought they would be fun to have, but I'm already over them. I just want them out of my collection, but I don't want to waste them.

My overnight balm/butter is the Nivea lip butter in caramel cream kiss. This is great for moisturizing and it's totally saved my lips from getting destroyed from the cold.

Lastly, I have a medicated tangerine EOS. This is a nice balm for the evening because it's not so thick you want to just wear it overnight but not so thin that it does nothing.

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