Sunday, November 29, 2015

Project Ten Pan Update #1

Project Ten Pan: Lip Balms Update #1

For this update, I'll only be featuring products I used up a significant amount of. Also, I won't be updating my other project pans until next week because I have yet to make significant progress on any of the items in them.

I used up a lip balm! This balm was fantastic, very smooth and moisturizing, and it was only a dollar! I totally plan to re-purchase it when this project is done. I rolled it up all the way for this picture, and as you can tell, you can't see any of it above the tube. When I finish up a few more lip balms, I may dig out the rest that is still in the little plastic bit that holds the lip balm and use it up entirely. However, for the purposes of this project, I will consider it finished.

This is the lip balm I keep in my bag for use throughout the day. I've used up about a quarter of it, but part of that is because the top got messed up and I had to cut a small amount off so it would be useable again.

Here is the watermelon Starburst LipSmacker I've been using compared to a mostly unused starwberry Starburst LipSmacker. As you can see, I've used up a fair bit this past week.

Here is my medicated tangerine EOS compared to an unused EOS. I didn't use that much this week, but I did use it a fair amount.

I've used up a ton of this Nivea lip butter! This should be finished within about a month. I use this at night before bed and whenever I feel like my lips really need some extra moisture.

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