Sunday, November 8, 2015

October Favorites

October 2015 Beauty Favorites

I've liked a lot of things in October, most of them Halloween related. There were only 8 beauty favorites this past month, and since I wasn't wearing much makeup, most of them are body stuff rather than face stuff.

My first favorite in October was this Paris Amour Golden Sugar Scrub from Bath and Bodyworks. It smells lovely, and it exfoliates really well. This is my third tube if it.

Another thing I loved in October was this set from Bath and Bodyworks. The Suncrisp Apple Harvest things smell absolutely amazing, just like a candy apple. So I've been walking around smelling like a giant candy apple after I shower, which is fantastic.

The third thing I really enjoyed in October was this Nivea Creme tin. I got it at the Dollar Tree because I love other Nivea products and wanted to try out a new one. I ended up loving it when used as a hand cream because it smells good and absorbs quickly without leaving my hands all greasy and gross. It's also super moisturizing.

Another thing I've been loving is this TRESemme dry shampoo. I haven't tried any other dry shampoos before, so I can't compare it to other brands, but it works super well and smells great. It can leave a slight white cast on the darker parts of my hair, but most of my hair is light pink so it doesn't really cause a big problem.

One of my absolute favorites in October has been this Beauty Treats Bunny Balm. I was surprised by how incredibly smooth and moisturizing it is, since it was only a dollar. It's one of my new favorite lip balms of all time, and I'm thinking of getting a bunch more to give to friends.

Another favorite for October was this Hard Candy setting spray. I have long days - they range from 10 to 12 hours without a chance to touch up my face makeup - so this has been a life saver when it comes to my makeup. It keeps my makeup looking perfect all day, even through physical activity and eating.

A new favorite of mine has been this sponge I got from the Dollar Tree. I know it's dirty, but I haven't had a chance to clean it yet this week. Don't get grossed out, though, I plan to wash all my brushes and sponges very soon, I'm not a huge fan of it for blending out foundation, but for concealer, it's great. I've never owned a Beauty Blender, so I can't compare it to that, but if I ever get one then I'll do a comparison post.

My last October favorite has been the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette. My favorite shade is the sixth one from the left, which is a very nice shimmery gold. I usually pack it on the lid for a pop of shimmer. I also love every single other shade, and none of them have gone unused.

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