Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Makeup Declutter

A Makeup Decluttering

I've accumulated a lot of makeup in the past few months, and I decided it was time to get rid of the makeup I wasn't using. A lot of it is older than a few months, but if it was still any good or unopened, I put it in a plastic bin of things I wasn't keeping. I will keep the bin around so I can give it to family and friends that want it. I got rid of a fair bit, and there's a couple of items I'm going to throw away that I'll feature in an empties post. It's been way too long since I've really taken inventory of the makeup I don't want, and I plan to do it more often in the future.

I'll start off with a couple of hair things - they aren't makeup, but I'm still getting rid of them. I cut my hair really short a while back, so I no longer have a use for hair elastics. I got the smaller ones more recently to style a wig for Halloween, but I never ended up doing that, so I decided I might as well just give them to somebody who will use them.

Starting on makeup, I got the little palette on the left from the Dollar Tree and the single on the right from ShopMissA. I never use either of them, and I could easily get new ones if I start to miss them, so I'm giving them away.

Next up are these Wet' n' Wild single glittery eyeshadows. I don't like their glitter formula, so I never use them. The one on the right hasn't even been opened because I found the one on the left so difficult to use.

After that I've got an L.A. Colors jumbo eye pencil I never reach for. I have one that's just white and I use it all the time, but this one is just a bit whiteish with a lot of glitter, and I just don't see myself ever using it.

I have this e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit in light that I've only used a couple of times, and I found an eyebrow pencil that looks better on my brows, so I know I'll never end up using this.

These false eyelashes had a very stiff band that I found difficult to work with, so I'm hoping somebody else will have better luck.

All of these eyeliners and lipliners were just sitting there and never getting used, so I'm finding them a better home. I kept a couple of eyeliners in similar colors and lipliners that were colors I might actually use, but these just don't need to be part of my collection.

I never use the Sephora gloss because the color just doesn't look good on me, and the other two lip products have never been opened, so I know I don't need them.

The lipstick on the left is frosty, which doesn't appeal to me. The other three products either don't get enough use for me to justify keeping them or aren't a very flattering color on me.

Somehow, all of this type of Wet' n' Wild lipstick that I own are either frosty or look bad on me. From left to right, the colors are Light Beige Frost, Dark Wine, Fuchsia With Blue Pearl, Hot Red, Noveau Pink, and Breeze.

My skin just doesn't look good with dark brown lips, so I'm letting go of this.

Lastly, I'm getting rid of ten nail polishes. Ten! I don't tend to use pearly pinks, I have a double of the black, and the rest of them are either really close to another color I own or just don't appeal to me.

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