Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ulta Haul

A Very Spooky Ulta Haul

Just kidding, it's not spooky. I just happened to get it on Halloween. Nothing is Halloween related - in fact, some of it is technically Christmas or holiday season related! Without further ado, here is the haul.

First I got the Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 (top) and Iconic 2 (bottom) palettes. I already have the Iconic 3, and I absolutely love it, so I wanted to try the Iconic 1 and 2. I have used the Iconic 1 a little bit, and it's just as quality as the Iconic 3. The Iconic 3 is still my favorite, though.

Next I got two NYX Hot Singles eyeshadows in Bad Seed (left) and Dank (right). I got them to use in Christmas tutorials.

Then I got the NYX Wonder Stick in light/medium. I've tried this out a bit and so far I really like it. I almost wish I had gotten a shade darker, since I wanted to use it for more dramatic contouring, but I got this shade because I'm usually the lightest shade a product line has, especially when it comes to foundation, and this was the lightest shade it came in.

After that I got two EOS lip balms in blackberry nectar (left) and coconut milk (right). I'm not the biggest fan of EOS - I like the Nivea lip butters better - but these were cute and I thought they would look nice displayed on my Alex 9 drawers from Ikea when I finally get them.

Next I got the smooth kiss Nivea lip butter. I already have Raspberry Rose Kiss and Caramel Cream Kiss, and I absolutely love them, so I got this one. They are by far some of the most moisturizing lip balm type products I've ever tried, and I haven't had chapped or cracked or dry lips once since I started using them.

After that I got a set of two holiday lip balms in very vanilla and holiday cookie. I know they probably won't be very good, but I thought they were pretty cute and they were only $3.00 USD.

Next I got a cute body spray. I mostly got it because I thought it would be cute to display somewhere. I love owls and the face on the front appears to be an owl, so that's a bonus. I sniffed it and honestly it mostly just smells like rubbing alcohol but it was only $3.00 USD and I mostly got it for the cuteness anyways.

Lastly, I got some Ulta sheer fragrance mists. They were buy two get two free, so I got four.

Here are the other two. I've been really into perfumes and body mists lately, so I decided to use the buy two get two free and get the four I was most interested in.

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