Saturday, November 21, 2015


November 2015 Empties

I've been collecting my empties since pretty much right when I started this blog, which was back in early September. I've accumulated a ton, so it was time to post them here and throw them away.

I liked this shampoo, but I didn't love it, and I won't repurchase it because I have two more shampoos I need to try right now. It got the job done, but it didn't majorly impress me. It did prolong how long my hair color lasted a bit, but I like to change up my hair frequently, so there's really no point to me making it last longer.

I loved this dry shampoo! I have already purchased the full size. I just got the travel size to try it out, and it worked super well. Plus I like the smell!

I got this face mask off of ShopMissA for a dollar, and it comes with two treatments. It goes onto your dry skin and then it foams up and you massage it in with water to give your skin a deep clean. I loved it and would absolutely repurchase it.

I used up two of these sugar scrubs and I have already repurchased another one. They smell fantastic and they exfoliate really well. However, once the one I'm using is done, I might try out making my own body scrubs for a while to save money.

I finally used up a body wash! I love the Bath and Body Works "Paris Amour" scent and I have almost every product that comes in that scent. I actually have two more bottles of this, so I'll have to start using them up soon!

Although this isn't totally empty, it's literally about six years old. Ew.

I played with this when I was about ten or eleven and that was a long time ago so the fact that I still have this is disgusting.

Another thing that's technically not an empty, but I'm throwing it out because it's really old and way too dark for me.

I've finished off my beloved Hard Candy primer! I'm tempted to cut open the tube and scoop out what little is left because I love it so much. However, I'm trying out Nivea men's post shave balm as a primer, and that may replace this as a favorite.

Although I could probably scrape out the product around the edges and re-press it in the middle to get as much use as possible out of this, it was a bit dark for me, and even though I could work with it, I honestly just want to try out different powders.

This shadow is probably still usable, but the packaging is falling apart and I can't be bothered to attempt to fix it.

These palettes are incredibly old and not even very good, so I'm tossing them. I didn't even include them in my palette collection post because I literally never use them.

These pencils are all old, and two of them don't even have caps anymore. I don't need or want them and they're too old to give to friends.

All of these lip products are 3 or more years old, and that is disgusting. I forgot I had these and when I recently found them I was like oh god why are these still here ew.

The chapstick and the gloss are super old, and the posie balm smells icky to me, despite being pretty new, and it contained barely any product, so I decided it was time to toss all three.

These are old, so I was going to wash out the containers and re-purpose them, but the product is so sticky that it's impossible to get out completely. That's why I'm just throwing them away.

All of these are far too old to keep around. Using them just wouldn't be safe.

These glosses are new, and they look nice, but they smell DISGUSTING. They smell exactly like one of the things that the dentist puts on your teeth - I'm not sure exactly which one, but I think it's the fluoride. I can't stand the scent and I'm pretty sure everybody finds that particular scent unpleasant so I'm throwing them away.

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