Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Face of First Impressions

A Full Face of First Impressions

I wanted to do a first impressions post, and I had a lot of products to try out, so I decided to do a full face of first impressions. I didn't have any new mascara or eyeliner, but everything else I tried out was either brand new or something I had tried a couple of times a long time ago.

Here is my skin before applying foundation...

...and here it is after. I used the Covergirl Ultra Smooth Hair Smoothing foundation in 805 Ivory. It comes with a silicon applicator, but when I started to use it, I thought, "wow, this looks terrible!" and decided to take it off and apply it with a sponge, which is how I've been applying all my foundations lately. As you can see, although the coverage isn't great, it isn't bad either. Paired with a good concealer, it would probably cover up whatever you need it to. I set it with the NYC Smooth Skin pressed face powder in translucent.

Here is my eyebrow before...

...and here it is after. I used the Essence Eyebrow Designer pencil in 04 blonde and the Essence clear Lash & Brow Gel Mascara. This was my first time doing my brows, and I think they turned out okay. The pencil and mascara were both easy to work with.

Here is my eye makeup. I used the NYX Love in Rio eyeshadow trio in Nighttime in Rio, the Essence Gel Eyeliner in 01 Midnight in Paris, and the Covergirl SuperSizer mascara. I used the black shade from the shadow trio in the crease, the pink shade all over the lid, and the purple shade in the outer corner.

For my lips, I used the Ulta Matte Lip Cream in Artistic. It dries matte, so I was worried it might dry out my lips, but it wasn't too bad.

Here is my skin after 8 hours. It looks pretty much exactly the same as it did when I put it on, even though I didn't use primer or setting spray! I'm super impressed by how well it stayed on, and it probably would have stayed looking good for longer if I hadn't taken it off. Overall, I'm impressed by it.

My eye makeup also looks mostly the same as when I first put it on. The color does seem to to have faded just a tiny bit, but not enough for me to be disappointed by it. The eyebrows still look good as well, although I really need to get them waxed again soon.

Finally, the lips. Surprisingly, the matte lip cream wasn't too drying, even though it dries matte like any other liquid lipstick. It didn't make my lips quite as uncomfortable as other liquid lipsticks do, and it lasted very well.

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