Thursday, April 28, 2016


April Declutter 2016

After my birthday I have lots of new makeup, and I've been ordering a lot more as well, so I felt it was time to declutter. I got rid of a good amount this time, probably even more than in my last declutter. Things were piling up and it was getting overwhelming to choose what to use everyday, which is a sign that you have too many things. I also recently got a subscription to Boxycharm, so I'll have new products coming in every month, which means I need to make some space.

I got these a few months ago and I've used one of them once, so I clearly don't need any of them. They'll be going to a friend or family member who can get some proper use out of them.

I used to absolutely love these lipsticks, and I still do because for $2.00 each they're great, but when you have as many lipsticks as me, you tend to reach for what you absolutely love, not what's great for the price. I highly recommend these if you're just starting out with makeup or you don't have the money to buy more expensive lipsticks, but if you already have a few MAC lipsticks or other lipsticks you really like, you may not find yourself reaching for these so much.

I got these as gifts after already not liking them and said I would give them another chance. It's been several months and I have yet to use them, so they're going to a new home.

Here are a few glosses that I don't know the brands of. I don't tend to do glossy reds and I've had the tiny sample for over a year so these need to go.

A family member was kind enough to give me a set of lip product samples a while ago, but I don't use these ones, and she said to pass them along to somebody who will. I just never use any of them, mostly due to color of the type of product they are - for instance, I don't tend to wear tinted balms.

The lip pencil is in a shade I never wear and the lipstick crayon is a bit too nude for my skin color and tone. I could keep it to mix with other things, but I never end up doing that and I don't want it to go to waste.

I have another one of the Burt's Bees lip shimmer and I don't need a second one, I never use the cat lipstick (I kept it for the longest time just because it's cute), and the gloss smells way too sweet to me, so all of these will go to new homes.

I'm tossing the Lip Smacker because there's not much left and it's looking a bit gross, but the rest of these products will go to a friend or family member who wants them.

I love Wet' n' Wild, but I do think their products can be hit and miss, and this eyeshadow palette was sadly a miss for me. Hopefully somebody else will like it more than I did and maybe it will even be a favorite of theirs - I hear great things about Wet' n' Wild eyeshadows, but this specific palette wasn't for me.

These eyeshadows weren't bad, but they weren't great either, and I don't have the time for eyeshadow I don't love anymore because I have so much I really do love. I find that the Santee ones had to be used wet to show up at all and the Essence ones had a lot of fallout.

These eyeshadows are great, but I never use them, so they were just taking up space.

The same goes for this trio - the quality isn't bad at all, but I have so many palettes and other shadows I like more that I never reached for these.

These Revlon Shadow Links aren't terrible, but they certainly aren't great either. They weren't very pigmented when I tried to use them and they blended away pretty easily.

I actually really liked these eyeshadows, but I never used them because the colors didn't wuite work for me. The white and tan didn't show up on my skin and I have so many pinks that I don't need another one.

This eyeshadow trio from ShopMissA was okay, but not great, and I didn't want to bother with something I don't love.

I've had this for a long time now and I never, ever use it anymore so it's time to pass it along. It works perfectly well, but I prefer to use things like the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I almost never use pencil liners so I got rid of a couple. I've probably had these for way too long so I'll probably end up tossing them.

I didn't need any of these any more so I'm getting rid of them, and they'll mostly go to new homes although a couple of them might get tossed.

These are my absolute favorite mascaras, but both of them were too old to keep using. They smell fine still, but they're definitely past the three month mark so I'm tossing them.

I had some used lashes that needed to be thrown away, so I went ahead and threw them out. I have a ton of lashes, probably a dozen pairs, and I don't even wear lashes very often, so I don't mind getting rid of a couple pairs. I don't buy expensive lashes either so I can throw them out after only a few uses without feeling bad.

I've used a lot of the L'oreal foundation and come to the realization that it just melts off of my face too easily for me to use it willingly. The Rimmel foundation oxidizes within a few minutes, and it oxidizes a lot, so I can't really wear it. I'm passing along the L'oreal foundation and tossing the Rimmel one.

These concealers are just a bit too dark for me and now that I have a concealer palette I don't use other concealers much anyways, so I'm passing these along to somebody who can use them.

This is far too old and has to be thrown away. I got it as a gift years ago and held onto it for no good reason and now it's too old to justify using. I'm not entirely sure you can even buy this anymore.

I never use either of the Bare Minerals products, and the e.l.f. blush is more glitter and shimmer than pigments so it looks really weird on me. Somebody else might get better use out of these items than I did.

These blushes are super pigmented - too pigmented. I can't use them easily and I was hanging onto them to use as eyeshadows but I never ended up doing that so these will be going to somebody who can work with them. They were only a dollar each so if I end up missing them I can just get more.

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