Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April Boxycharm

April Boxycharm Unboxing

I was lucky enough to receive a year's subscription to Boxycharm for my birthday from a lovely family member, and I was very excited so of course I wanted to share it on here! The pictures for ths post will have a different background because I took them in a different place so that I could have some natural lighting. Do you prefer this background and lighting? Should I try my normal white background with natural lighting? Let me know in the comments!

The box itself is a bit smaller than I expected, but I'm fine with that because it's the products inside that matter anyways. I like how simple it is. I'm always in need of cardboard boxes, so getting one every month will be useful as well.

One of the cool things about Boxycharm is that it comes with a card that tells you the prices of each item in the box and tells you a bit about them, as well as how to use them. This is really useful if you aren't quite sure about how to use a product or want more ideas on how to use it.

I'll admit that I did peek at the products before taking photos, so they're a bit out of place, but I was excited! I'd watched YouTube videos on the box so I already knew what was in it but I wanted to touch and smell everything myself right away. This month's box contains five full size products.

The first item in the box is a hand cream from Anderson Lilley in the scent Manhattan Beach. It's worth $24.00 and you get 2 ounces. I looked at this product on their website and it claims to "quickly nourish, moisturize and protect your skin." When I tested it out, it did seem to absorb quickly while still moisturizing, so I would say that my first impression is these claims are true. It smells very nice to me, kind of fresh and almost floral. I think that having the word "beach" in the name is accurate because the scent does remind me of a beach.

Next up is the Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Pasadena, worth $19.90. On their website it says the full size is 6 grams but the packaging on this product says 8 grams, so I'm assuming this is the full size in some sort of updated packaging. I don't own very many liquid lipsticks but I've heard great things about these ones so I'm excited to test this out. I smelled it and it does smell very strongly of vanilla, so if you're sensitive to scents then you may not enjoy this.

I'm excited about this Blinc Black Lash Primer ($26.00) because I've wanted to try out a lash primer for a while now but they seem kind of gimmicky so I hadn't gotten around to it. Now that I have one I'll definitely try it out.

This is a Your Minerals loose eyeshadow in Brown Hypnotic ($21.00). I'm not into loose shadows most of the time but this has kind of a duochrome effect so I'm intrigued and will definitely try it out.

The last product is a LIP BALM! I love lip balms and I absolutely do not need any more but I am very welcome to the idea of more. I've already tried this one out and it's very thin so I'm skeptical of if it will really be that moisturizing, but I could be wrong. I'm willing to give it a go.

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