Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rimmel Clean Finish First Impression

Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation First Impression

When I was in WalMart and saw that not only was this foundation about $4.00, but it also seemed like it would actually match me, I was super excited. I knew there would be a chance it would look bad or it would break me out, but for four bucks, it was worth a shot...

...except for the fact that I can't even wear it on my face. The swatch on the left is after about five minutes of being on my hand and the right swatch was put there right before I took this picture. So as you can see, it oxidizes almost immediately, and it oxidizes badly. I've had foundations that oxidize before, but it's usually only by one shade and it takes a few hours. I don't know if all of the shades do this, but I did look at some reviews on Influenster and many people say they've had the same issue. I was excited to try this foundation and at least give it a fair shot but once it oxidizes it's far too dark for me to wear out of the house, or else I end up looking like an oompa-loompa. I find that it also smells a bit like paint, which kind of turns me off of it. So overall my first impression is that I don't really like this, although maybe I would if it didn't oxidize. Has anybody else tried this? Did you have the same issue?

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