Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Daiso Haul

Daiso Beauty Haul

Daiso is basically a Japanese dollar store, and it is amazing. I'm lucky enough to have one relatively close to me, so I go every once in a while. Everything is $1.50 USD unless otherwise marked, so it is a bit more expensive than, say, Dollar Tree, but I think the quality and selection is better. You can find pretty much anything there, as well as fun little things you probably don't need, which is one of my favorite things. I mostly went in for the beauty products, although I did end up finding some very cute stationery, some of which I will show at the end of this haul.

This item was actually $3.00, but I think it's well worth the price if it ends up being good quality - it's a pack of 26 make-your-own sheet masks! The idea is you soak them in your own concoction of things like green tea or jojoba oil that are good for your skin and then wear it like any other sheet mask, except you can customize it to fit your skin's needs.

I needed some bottles to keep shampoo and conditioner in, so I got two of these. The sides say "tie a ribbon in my hair" and I thought that was absolutely fantastic so I decided on these ones over the plain clear plastic bottles they had.

There was a pretty good selection of facial wipes, and I ended up going for these ones. You get 35 for $1.50 so they may end up breaking me out but if they do then I'll just use them to remove swatches from my hands.

I've been wanting a mini perfume bottle so that I can travel with some perfume or keep some in my bag so this seemed perfect. It's also cute so I can keep it on display when I'm not using it.

I can always use a few little jars to keep some eye cream or something in so I picked these up. I also have a soft spot for small, colorful things.

I actually got this same pack of sharpeners last time I went to Daiso but I'm in need of some more so I got more. They wore really well for both normal pencils and makeup pencils, so I like that they come in a pack of two because that way you can have one for each thing.

I've been into fake nails lately so I got a pack of 80. These are the kind you paint yourself. I like fake nails because my real nails are pretty weak and they peel easily so I can't grow them out easily.

Fun fact - there were little blue scissors identical to these in every way except color, but they were specifically labelled as "nose hair scissors". I got these to trim lashes.

I'm always up to try a new face mask and this one seemed interesting so I bought it. I've never tried or really even heard of royal jelly in beauty products before, so why not give it a go?

You can never have too many lashes, so I picked up a couple pairs. This was the only style that looked like it wouldn't be so long they would hit my glasses constantly so I just got these but they had tons of different kinds.

I've been meaning to get more pore strips, and 4 for $1.50 isn't a bad price, especially for charcoal ones. I might do a review on these at some point.

Washi tape is some huge thing in the crafting community, I think, and it looked nice so I got some. I can find a good use for some decorative tape.

This was far too cute to pass up. The sticker that says "apple" really got me for some reason, but the entire thing is just so freaking adorable and it was calling my name.

They had so many cool cough drop flavors! I got peach, raspberry, blueberry, and orange. They only come with 10 in a pack but I couldn't pass up those flavors.

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