Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Beauty/Craft Haul

Beauty and Craft Haul

Because making crafts is one of my hobbies, I've decided to include a bit about it on my blog. I've really gotten into making stationery lately, so when I went shopping and picked up some beauty items, I picked up some stationery-making items as well. I will include the craft items at the end of the haul in case you're only interested in beauty. This is a collective haul from a few stores - Ross, Dollar Tree, and Michael's.

The great thing about Ross is everything is at a lower price than it usually would be, so this toner that the label says would usually be $17.00 was only $6.99. I've been using DIY toners for a while now and I kind of just wanted to try something that is actually made for your face.

I've been wanting to try a mud mask for a while now, and this was only $4.99, so I got it. The instructions on the back don't tell you how long to leave it on, though, so I'll have to figure that out somehow. After doing some research online, this is supposedly a dupe for a GlamGlow mask that I don't want to pay over $50.00 for, so if it ends up working then that's an added bonus.

I've had the Rejuvenate version of these makeup wipes before and they were great and at $3.99 for 60 I think they're a steal. I hope these ones are as good as the ones I tried before because if they are then I'll have some great makeup wipes that will last me for a few months.

Starting with the Dollar Tree items, I finally found the undereye masks! I've wanted to try these for forever.

I was even lucky enough to find both kinds. I have pretty dark undereye circles, so I'm hoping these could help speed up the process of getting rid of those. My Origins GinZing eye cream gets rid of them when I use it regularly, but I've been slacking on using it lately. My undereyes are also a bit dry, so maybe these can help with that.

I found these pretty floral print fake nails, so I picked them up as the Sassy + Chic nails fit my nails perfectly. They don't come with nail glue but I have my own so that isn't a problem for me.

I also found this design, which I thought was nice. It's very spring appropriate and also very pretty.

People on YouTube have been hauling this eye makeup remover from Dollar Tree, so I thought I'd give it a go after seeing a few good reviews. Apparently it doesn't sting your eyes, which I think is fantastic for a dollar. I figured that at such a low price it was worth giving it a chance.

Moving on to craft things, I found some pretty decorative tapes! I've been really liking washi tape lately but it can get expensive so if I can find any washi tape or any sort of decorative tape for a low price I grab it. A dollar for one roll isn't the absolute best deal you can find, but it also isn't the worst.

I absolutely couldn't resist these owl stickers. They are so smol. Look at them. They are the most innocent owls I have ever seen. I needed them in my life.

Onto the stuff from Michael's! Clear stamps are new to me, so if they're new to you, I'll attempt to explain, but it might be a bad explanation - the non-stamping side attaches to an acrylic block and you use it like a normal stamp and it's kind of like magic I think. I'm not sure how it attaches by itself without adehesive but it's probably magic. I don't have my acrylic block yet because it's still in the mail but I have found that a Tic-Tac box works pretty well.

This set of notecards was $1.50 and far too related to makeup for me to not need. If something has lipstick on it then I want it and this combines lipstick and stationery which are two of the best things.

I found these pearl stickers that I thought would be great to put on the corners and borders of stationery. They were $1.50 and came in a few more colors so I do kind of regret not getting more but this is what I have for now.


More stamps!

GOLD ink!

I had a coupon for 40% off Recollections washi tape so I got a couple packs. These were the main designs that appealed to me so I went with these. I also got some cardstock and decorative paper but I don't have pictures of those.

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