Wednesday, March 16, 2016

ShopMissA Haul

A Big ShopMissA Haul

If you aren't familiar with ShopMissA, and you like makeup, you really should be! Everything except stuff in their charm shop is one US dollar, and even the things in their charm shop don't go above about $5.00! This was my third order from ShopMissA, and I've been very satisfied with all of my orders so far. Nothing has ever come damaged and I would absolutely order from them again. I placed my order on Tuesday, March 1st, and received my package on Tuesday, March 8th. I think that a week isn't very bad at all! I've played around with most of these things a little bit, and I'll talk about how I like things I have tried out when I get to those products. I repurchased a few things that I've liked in the past as well. One thing to keep in mind is that because everything is a dollar, the quality can be hit and miss. I find that for the most part things are hits, but you do sometimes have to be willing to work with a more difficult product. Also keep in mind that a single eyeshadow for a dollar is probably going to be better quality than one of their 32-shadow palettes for a dollar!

I've always wanted to try lashes with little gems on them, and I figured that at two pairs for a dollar, even if they weren't very good, they would be worth a try. Only one pair has the gems, but I like the style of both pairs.

I love the Kara lashes so much! I've never not liked a pair I got, so I repurchased one of my favorites. ShopMissA has a HUGE lash selection. I recommend the Kara ones over the Kleancolor ones since the Kleancolor ones tend to be very, very long, but if you like your lashes super long then I would say go for those. I find that the Kara lashes can withstand quite a few wears, and seeing as I rarely wear lashes anyways, these should last me a while.

I've also had these lashes before and enjoyed them, so I bought another pair. I like how the ends flare out.

These lashes looked pretty on the website, so I got a pair. I think they'll look nice on.

I've been in need of more eyeshadow brushes, and I happen to know that I like all of these ones, so I got some more. I have to wash them before I use them, but I'll be happy to have some more brushes.

These Wizard Pads are freaking amazing! I've had them in peppermint before and loved how they worked but not the scent so I got them in lemon...

...and orange...

 well as grape. Not only are they acetone free, they even have cuticle oil. They aren't oily to me, though, and it only takes one pad to remove all ten nails of polish. For a dollar each, these are a total steal. I tried out the LA Colors nail polish remover pads as well (you can also get them at ShopMissA) but I don't like them quite as much so I got a bunch of these instead. The LA Colors one aren't bad, I just happen to like these better.

I refuse to buy foundation, concealer, or primer from ShopMissA because I've had bad experiences with one-dollar foundations in the past, but face masks at WalMart aren't much more than a dollar anyways, and I've tried ShopMissA face masks before and not broken out, so I got some more.

I'm really excited for the peel-off cucumber mask because I love peeling off masks. It's satisfying in a very odd way. I hear nothing but good things about vitamin E, so I wanted to try a vitamin E face mask out.

I'm most excited for these masks because I've tried the peach one before and loved it, so I'm hoping the oatmeal one will be similar. They have a really cool bubbling effect and when you rub the bubbles in with water it helps clean your skin really well.

Since I've used up so many lip balms, I decided it was time to get some more. I've had my eye on these the last couple of times I ordered from ShopMissA, but they were out of stock until now.

Fun-shaped lips balms are my thing, so I was immediately drawn to these. The egg one smells like oranges, which I enjoy.

This lip balm is a repurchase. It's actually a fantastic lip balm, very smooth application and super moisturizing. The sad part is it gets used up really fast because it has a soft texture. But for a dollar, I think it's worth it.

I'll admit it - I got this lipstick for the packaging. It was too cute to resist! I did get it in a color I think I would wear, though. It's the shade 14 Tiara.

This is the Santee Eyebrow Powder. I ordered the shade 01, and the packaging even says the shade is 01, but the product looks more like the picture of shade 02. I don't mind all that much because although the left shade is too warm for me, the right shade looks decent on my brows when I tested it out.

I also got the Malibu Glitz Brush-On Eyebrow Powder Duo in Medium Brown. I would have gotten a blonde shade but they didn't have one so I went with this. The lighter shade doesn't really show up in my brows, but the darker shade works pretty well.

This is the powder from the Brows Essential Kit in Light Brown. It came with a little angled brush and some eyebrow stencils, all of which I seem to have immediately lost. This is a pretty good match for my brows.

The last brow product I got was the Santee Eybrow Sword Pencil in Light Brown. It comes with a spoolie brush on one end, which is really neat. I like how it looks in my brows.

Starting on eyeshadow, I got some Amuse Pressed Eyshadow Pigments in the shades Green Lime, Star Light, and Intense Pink. I already have the shade Black Night and I like it a lot so I decided to get a few more.

I've heard good things about the Princessa City Girl Eyeshadow Trios, and I'm obsessed with Paris, so of course I got the shade Paris. It's a purple trio.

I got the Kleancolor Color Playlist quad in Jazz on a whim, and I'm so glad I did. The whiteish shade is nothing special dry, just chalky and unpigmented. But when you use it wet, it's has a gorgeous iridescence. The other colors are okay, but I think the white shade would look so pretty wet on top of other shadows.

This trio is in the shade 4. I have to play with it a bit more before I decide if I like it or not. Swatched with my fingers it's super powdery and weird, but it's not as bad using a brush.

This e.l.f. quad is in the shade PINK' N' PINK. Oddly, the white shade seems to be the most pigmented when I swatch them. I need to play around with this more.

The pink blush/bronzer in in 1 Spring Blossom and the orangey brown one is in Royal Touch. The orangey one I got thinking it would be less orange to use as a bronzer, but after swatching it I may just use it as a blush and eyeshadow.

This is the Rose Cheek Pop Blush in Mauve. It's a very pretty color, one that I don't have anything like in my collection. It's not so pigmented that it's super easy to use too much, but it's still pigmented.

The final products are these LA Colors Jumbo Eye Pencils in Desert Sun, Bronze Shimmer, and Sweet Wishes. I have the white one, Sea Shells, and it makes a fantastic eyeshadow base.

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