Monday, March 14, 2016

Products I Want To Use Up Update

Products I Want To Use Up In 2016 Update Two

I'm doing pretty well this month, considering that I've been sick a lot! I haven't had the chance to wear much makeup but I still think I'll be able to reach all of my goals by the end of the year. I'm not sick anymore so I'll be feeling up to wearing makeup a lot more in the next month than I was last month. I'm really surprised by how well I'm doing on the lipstick - although it may not look like a whole lot of progress, it's enough that with regular wear I should be able to use it up easily within the year. The category I'm most worried about right now is eyeliner because eyeliner is the thing I'm most likely to skip in the mornings when I'm running low on time or just don't feel like wearing it, so I'll be making a change to that category that I will explain when I get to that category.

Lip Balm

My goal was to use up five lip balms this year, and I'm already on my fifth! I finished the BlamTastic one and I'm onto the one from Palmer's. I was nearly done with a BabyLips Electro one, but I realized that it might be causing an allergic reaction, so I'm taking a break from that for now. The Palmer's lip balm is rolled up as far as it will go in this picture, so you can see there's not a whole lot left. I just started it the other day, so I guess it's one that gets used up really fast.


I wanted to use up one full-size lipstick this year, and I have officially chosen my first-ever MAC lipstick, which is in the shade Brave. It's a pretty pinky-nude that has a gorgeous satin finish. I chose this one not only because I absolutely love the color on me, but because it wears comfortably. These two reasons combined mean I won't get bored or sick of wearing it regularly over a long period of time, or at least that's what I'm hoping. I really can't see myself ever growing tired of such an amazing color, though! I just got a couple new MAC lipsticks, so I compared the progress on this one to a brand-new one, and I have made a bit of progress. I am confident that with a bit more regular use, I can totally use this up by the end of the year.


The Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless was my favorite foundation for a while, so I currently have two of them. Now I only like it when i apply it with a dampened sponge and I have to be careful how I powder it because of some dry patches I magically developed. Since I doubt those will magically go away the way they magically appeared, I'm trying to get one of these foundations out of my collection as on of the two foundations I want to use up this year. I think I'm about halfway done with this one, and the other one is totally full.

Body Spray

I wanted to use up one body spray this year, and I'm trying to use up my Bath & BodyWorks Twisted Peppermint because I love it and I constantly want to smell like it. I don't have a picture because it was downstairs and I'm upstairs and lazy, but I haven't made much progress due to being sick anyways. I may not use it up entirely this year, but if I get over halfway done then I'll be happy.


This year, my goal is to use up two face powders, and I'm currently maybe two thirds of the way through my first one, which is the NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder. It's a very lightweight translucent powder that I use to set my entire face. I would assume it has flashback, but I haven't experienced it because I never have flash photos taken of me. I really want to try the RCMA No Color powder but last time I checked it was sold out ever and I'm also waiting to use one powder up before I get it.


The original goal I had set for eyeliners I had set was six, but I've changed it to three because six just isn't realistic anymore. I use these two on my waterline sometimes, and the white one as an eyeshadow base when I really want a color to pop. The black one doesn't roll back down once you roll it up so I can't tell my progress, so I guess it'll just be a pleasant surprise when it's done. I've also decided to include brow pencils in this category because they're basically waxy eyeliners.

Body Butter

My goal for body butter/lotion is three, and I've used up one and am on my second. This is a mini of the coconut body butter from the Body Shop. I used up the shea butter one, but I've barely used this one at all because I've been forgetting. I still think three is doable, though.

Nail Polish

I'm nearly done with this polish! My goal was only one, and although I could realistically use up four or five this year, I'm not going to extend my goal in this category. The reasoning behind this whole project is getting excess items out of my collection, and I don't feel I have excess nail polish because I just did a declutter of all my old polishes, so now I only have color that are both something I would wear and something less than two years old. As for how much progress I've made, I now have to tilt the bottle to get any polish on the brush. I would just call it done, but I really like this color and I haven't gotten another one yet. Once I either get my hands on a backup or absolutely can't use it anymore, I'll call it done.

Shower Gel

I've got about a quarter of one of my Paris Amour shower gels from Bath & BodyWorks left, so I should be done with that soon. After that I want to focus on my Lush shower gel that I forget the name of right now. I think it was a holiday scent, though. It's an incredibly sweet scent that you really have to be in the mood for to enjoy, so it's harder to use up, and a little goes a long way. My goal for the year is two shower gels.

Lip Butter

Look at all the progress on my Nivea lip butter! I've been really good about using this nearly every night before bed, so it's going super well. My goal in this category is just one, and I think that's a good goal since they take me a while.

Lip Scrub

The progress on my lip scrub hasn't been quite as great, but I can still use it up within the year. My goal in this category is also just one. I find store-bought lip scrubs unnecessary since I can make ones that are just as good at home from coconut oil and sugar. I do enjoy this one, though, and it's only a dollar from ShopMissA if you don't want to make your own.


I hit pan on Salted Caramel in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette! The next shadow I'm focusing on is Champagne Truffle in the same palette. I only use it as a browbone and inner corner highlight, but I tend to use a dense brush that picks up a lot of product and pack a lot on. I already have a good sized dent in it, so I should be hitting pan soon.

Lip Gloss

The last category is lip glosses, which I want to use up two of. We will see how that goes. I may only use up one, but that's okay, because I've been stopping myself from buying glosses anyways. I want to focus on this Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Margaret because I think it goes well with my MAC lipstick in Brave.

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