Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mini MAC Haul

Mini MAC Haul

A family member was recently very generous and let me pick a few things out from MAC, and I just got them in the mail so I wanted to share them here! I'm testing out some photo editing, so if you like it then let me know.

My free sample was a Prep and Prime primer. I've been wanting to test this out so it's good that I can try it out before I buy a full size.

The first thing I got is the eyeshadow Amber Lights. It's a gorgeous copper color with a frost finish, so it has a really pretty sheen to it. I wanted it because I thought that it would make a great all-over lid color, and maybe even look good on the lid and diffused into the crease. The texture when I swatched it was super smooth and buttery without being powdery at all, so I imagine the formula will be great on the lids as well.

The next thing I got was a lipstick in the shade Twig, which is a satin finish. I have Brave, which is also a satin finish, and I love it, so I knew I wanted another satin finish lipstick. This seems like the perfect brown nude for my skin tone and color, although I haven't tried it on yet. It swatches super smoothly and it feels really creamy.

The last thing I got was the lipstick in Craving. This one swatches incredibly creamy! The amplified finishes are supposed to be extra pigmented, and I can definitely see that in this particular lipstick. When I was reading about the amplified formula on the MAC website, it seemed like I would love it, and so far with just swatching it I do!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! I plan to do a review of the MAC satin finish lipsticks after I get a few more, so if you're interested then stay tuned for that. My next post will probably be a look using the new eyeshadow as well, so be on the lookout for that, too! Please leave a comment with your feedback and suggestions down below, I would appreciate it!

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